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PGC Stands Against Smog

Smog is a very serious atmospheric condition in Pakistan that is causing major disruptions in the quality of life.

What is Smog?

Smog is a form of air pollution. It occurs when the smoke mixes with the fog in the atmosphere. The industrialization and the burning of coal in large amounts causes the resultant smoke to get mixed with sulfur dioxide in the air which forms Smog.

In Pakistan, Smog has become a recurring problem every year. Many areas get badly affected by the pollutant air. It is a great threat to our people. The seriousness of this issue is alarming to the extent that it imposes a major threat on human health.

The ozone level coming down, the mixing of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide altogether makes the air very harmful to breathe. This atmospheric condition is threatening for senior citizens, for children and people with the heart, throat, lungs, breathing, and nasal problems. The patients with bronchitis, asthma and emphysema can be severely affected by Smog.

Smog can cause inflammation in the breathing and even the passages of the mouth. It can decrease the working capacity of lungs resulting in the shortage of breath. The pain can also occur while inhaling deeply and there can be wheezing. Many people may get cough due such kind of pollution.

The most common problems caused by the Smog is the irritation in the eyes and blurring out the atmosphere to an extent that the vision gets disturbed. People with the best eye sight cannot see their surroundings clearly. Even perfectly healthy people can be badly affected by such pollution. Nose irritation can be one of the effects including dryness of the inner membranes of nose and the throat. It can damage the body’s immune system and make the human’s more prone to infections.

PGC Takes Measures To Spread Awareness On Smog Control:

The alarming amounts of Smog that had gathered in our environment called for some serious measures for protection against Smog. The recent situation of Smog has shed the light on the undeniable effects of pollution on human health.

effects of pollution on humans

Health and Education go Hand in Hand!

Education cannot be imparted to the unhealthy, uneasy, sickness stricken, ill children. The education itself is important but the attention needed on health education is also very significant. The health and education share are very strong relationship since the one is codependent on the other.

Looking at the grave effects of smog and a dire need of some serious steps to be taken for protection against Smog, Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest educational network in Pakistan took the responsibility of spreading awareness among masses regarding the threat that is Smog.

“Your health is the key to our future”, is the slogan that PGC raised a year ago when the network started its water safety awareness campaign. Maintaining its culture of care the Punjab Group continues to shed emphasis on health education and promotion of safety.

PGC is the most widely spread educational network where a majority of youth is getting education nationwide. Understanding the nature of national environmental crisis, PGC having the maximum reach took to uphold its rich culture proving its famous slogan “#BecauseWeCare”.

The network insists that along with academic teaching health education should also be imparted to spread the much needed awareness among public.

Plant Pakistan Plant & Protection Against Smog!

To take control and for the protection against Smog in the future to avoid it in the years to come, PGC has taken a very effective step. The campaign launched by the Punjab Group of Colleges is called Plant Pakistan Plant which is a very thoughtful and fruitful cause since it has futuristic vision to it.

What is Plant Pakistan Plant?

Punjab Group of Colleges has begun a wave of change. This initiative is intended to spread awareness and to make Pakistan a greener country by 2018.

  • Plant Pakistan Plant is a promise of planting 25 lac trees made by 500,000 PGC students by the year 2018.
  • The campaign aims to inspire the people across the country through active participation of the youth studying at 390 Punjab College Campuses in 120 cities of Pakistan.
  • PGC aims to evoke the general public to act for protection against Smog by highlighting the effects of air pollution in points made on their social media campaign.
  • The campaign includes a series of seminars that have been conducted regarding health care tips for the fight against Smog.
  • The wellness tips have been shared by renowned speakers to help students adopt better habits and make them see how easily they can stay healthy by using these daily health tips.
  • Plant Pakistan Plant emphasizes that Smog control is important because it is badly affecting human lives.
  • The campaign puts the seriousness of badly influencing causes of Smog into question.
  • Environment of Pakistan is not immune to the impact of air pollution such as Smog. It is important that we take serious action to control this situation. Planting more and more is the most simple and the most effective step to save our environment.
  • Use of face mask for air pollution for protection against Smog is also very effective yet how long cab people resort to such safety measures without taking any meaningful action to remedy the situation.
  • Indeed it is recommended to put on the masks to protect against air pollution until a sufficient amount of trees is planted and are grown to be effective to make the air pollution free.
  • The Effects of Pollution on Humans are not limited to bodily health but also include safety hazards such as road accidents that take place when the atmosphere gets blurred and the visual appearance of the surrounding objects cannot be clearly seen. The campaign points out this situation in a very creative way through colorful images.
  • Plant Pakistan Plant is a social action campaign as PGC stands against smog to fight air pollution and its effects on our lives.

To plant is to go green and to go green to love your motherland Pakistan. As each tree is planted and nourished with hope to achieve a greener, safer and healthier nation, let us hope that it will nurture a brighter, cleaner and a more united Pakistan with a determination towards excellence.

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