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The Best Medical & Engineering Universities in Pakistan have Highest Enrollment of PGC Students

Pakistan is progressing with every passing year. There have been many revolutionary changes that have been introduced in the past few years. Educational institutes in Pakistan have made tremendous improvements and now are contributing greatly towards empowering the nation with competent professionals to lead the future.

The economic strength of a country is very much dependent on the strength of its professional education institutions. There are many great institutions in the country that are continuously producing skilled professionals who contributing in their fields of expertise and innovation.

All universities in Pakistan are education our youth to become independent and productive citizens.  Progress of Pakistan towards prosperity is very much dependent on the manpower of the country. Educational excellence of the country is determined by the quality of institutions and the strength of its professional institutions.

When we take a look at all the top ranking universities in Pakistan, there is a sense of pride that comes with it that our country has these amazing higher education institutions offering world class facilities and endless opportunities to empower our future leaders.

Talking about Pakistan’s education system we can look into the endless contributions made by some of the best engineering universities in Pakistan. Strength of a higher education system fuels the strength of a country’s economy. Our institutes are emerging as strong academic systems with state of the art facilities and international collaborations to offer a dynamic experience to the youth with limitless opportunities for them to innovate, invent and explore.

The top universities in Pakistan seek to enroll the best of all the students showing excellent performance in their academic results and entrance tests. The system of meritocracy screens the most outstanding students competing to secure admissions in their desired programs at the top notch institutions.

The professional institutes are keen to promote the most capable and the most hardworking students with the aim to work hard and boost their inner potential to the best of their advantage. What is most interesting about the ratio of students enrolled at the top professional institutions is that a major amount of these students come from Punjab Group of Colleges.

The Punjab Group is not only the largest network in Pakistan, but it also has the highest rate of showing excellent academic results throughout the years. The most brilliant students showing exceptional performance in academics as well as entrance examinations come from Punjab Group of Colleges.

PGC & the Top Medical Universities in Pakistan

The medical universities in Pakistan are considered to have the toughest admission criteria and their entrance test is conducted to ensure that only the students with the most brilliant and minds and the concept clarity get enrolled into medical colleges.

Medical is the most esteemed and the highly regarded profession in Pakistan. A Doctor is considered to be a very respectable person in the society as it is a noble profession. Many parents dream to see their children getting admission in top medical universities in Pakistan and to see them as Doctors in their professional life. Almost every other child attempts to pursue the educational journey towards becoming a doctor until intermediate.

The medical universities in Pakistan strive to include more and more advanced researches and skill to excel in the field of medicine. Therefore, the students that are selected for admission are required to go through difficult tests and examinations designed to asses them on the concepts taught in FSc Pre Medical.

Punjab Group of Colleges has produced a major number of students scoring highest marks in the intermediate FSc results every year. The state of the art facilities, practical teaching, hands on learning and advanced teaching methods PGC has become pride of Pakistan. Currently in Pakistan top 10 medical universities have a fair ratio of PGC students studying to become future doctors. It is estimated that there are more than 13663 students of Punjab Colleges who are pursing medical education in the prestigious medical colleges.

Here are the names of some notable PGC Alumni serving the nation as Doctors:

Dr. Naz Akram D/o Muhammad Akram

MBBS from Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS)

Currently working at Services Hospital Lahore

Dr. Mahreen Naz D/o Liaqat Ali

MBBS from Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS)

Currently working at Services Hospital Lahore

Capt. Dr. M. Waseem S/o Muhammad Naeem

MBBS from King Edward Medical University (KEMU)

Currently working for Pak. Army as Captain

PGC & the Best Engineering Universities in Pakistan

The engineering universities in Pakistan maintain a high standard of enrollment criteria. Engineering is the second most sought after degree and the admission into engineering programmes is also very tough. Many students compete for the seats in top engineering universities in Pakistan.

Engineers are considered to be very respected and worthy professionals. Parents in Pakistan wish for their children to grow up to become engineers. There are some great universities in Pakistan that are constantly growing in the field of innovation and invention. The country has been some great research work and progress in the field of science by well-known engineers in Pakistan.

Best Engineering Universities in Pakistan

The engineering universities in Pakistan have established an entry test criteria for admissions into different engineering programmes. The students who manage to secure admission in an engineering programme come from a solid academic background. It is only the students with strong concept base and understanding of things taught in FSc Pre Engineering who get selected at the best engineering institutes.

It is to PGC’s credit that a major lot of students who top their FSc Pre Engineering Examinations are from their institutes and achieve best scores in their intermediate results. The great academic system of Punjab Group of Colleges includes practical application of knowledge and seeks to enhance the skills of students to gain the clarity of concepts taught in intermediate FSc Pre Engineering. Punjab Group of Colleges undoubtedly becomes pride of Pakistan with having a major amount of students pursing education to become professional engineers in top 20 engineering universities in Pakistan.  There are approximately more than 17244 alumni of Punjab Colleges enrolled in engineering universities all over Pakistan.

Here are the names of some notable PGC Alumni serving the nation as Engineers:

Engr. Hafiz Bilal Fazal Chughtai  S/o M. Fazal Chughtai

Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore. Currently working as Deputy Director in LDA

Engr. Anum Tariq Khan D/o Muhammad Tariq

Serving in Pakistan Railways as Engineer

Engr. Hassan Ali S/o Yawar Ali 

Mining Engineering from UET Lahore

Currently working as Support Coordinator in Health Department

Engr. Fahad Akbar S/o Muhammad Akbar

Mining Engineering from UET Lahore

Currently Working as Assistant Director Mines and Minerals

Engr. Muhammad Osama Butt S/o Muhammad Taqi Zahid Butt

Electricl Engineering from UET Lahore

Currently working as Lecturer in Punjab University (Electrical Department)

Engr. Aqeel-ur-Rehman S/o Abdul-ur-Rehman

Metrial & Metallurgical Engineering from Punjab University

Currently working as Lab Engineer in Punjab University

During its decades of service to improve the country’s education system the Punjab Group has become the largest educational network in Pakistan. The Group has imparted education to its 1340,000 Alumni. There are 460,000 students currently on the roll. The overall top 10 universities in Pakistan have PGC students pursing higher education with them. There are approximately 108038 students studying in top universities in Pakistan to become professionals in various fields of expertise.

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