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Education System in Pakistan

Education System in Pakistan has always been a subject of great importance when it comes to the country’s development and progress. Looking at the situation of current literacy rate in the country, there are some educational initiatives taken by a few institutions that have led to an improvement in its overall situation. The Largest Educational Network in Pakistan operated by Punjab Group of Colleges is contributing towards making education accessible in the country.

Education issues and problems

Education issues and problems involve the inaccessibility of the right resources. In Pakistan education facts very clearly indicate that the major factor that is effecting literacy is the unavailability of quality education in many areas. That is one of the major drawbacks of education system in pakistan.

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan?

Taking into account the flaws of education, it becomes evident that there haven’t been many solid initiatives of improvement towards obtaining any improvements until last few years when some private institutions emerged into the limelight. The history of education shows that there were not many educational facilities available to the Pakistani students who wanted to pursue college education until Punjab Colleges began to operate.

Disadvantages of the education system in Pakistan have always been a point of debate and concern for all who pondered over the process of country’s development. But then who is working on education problems in Pakistan and their solution? Educational problems in Pakistan were and are a subject that needs addressing.

Education System in Pakistan

If we discuss issues like in availability of quality institutions mentioned above, female education in Pakistan has been a major problem resulting in a lesser female literacy rate. Punjab Group has taken great initiatives for girls’ education by offering a secure environment that masses have been able to trust. People not wanting to send their daughters to school or college is one of the problems of education that have existed since the very beginning. The developed areas where people are aware of the changing times and have the understanding of the necessity of women’s education.  Women make the backbone of any country as they up bring its leaders, so to ultimately achieve the education of Pakistan it is mandatory that its mothers are educated.

Development of Education

The development of education is very much a nation building factor which will resultantly affect the country’s development. The problems of female education interfere with the betterment of its future. This hindrance could be catered by improving the education policy of Pakistan. Sadly there aren’t many institutions working on catering to female education. Owing to the expansion of Punjab Group of Colleges a major change in this situation is taking place.

Quality Education

The network started to offer quality education by opening a college. Gradually it began to cater both higher education and early childhood education. Resultantly, Punjab Group of Colleges has improved all levels of education.

The Punjab Group is working towards educating our nation for a prosperous future. Therefore, the network has established educational institutions all over the country. There are currently 390 Punjab College Campuses in 120 cities of Pakistan. Moreover, there are 1038 Allied Schools, 306 EFA Schools, 15 Resource Academia Schools and 3 chartered Universities offering top class education to a major amount of population. Being a 32-year-old legacy of excellence, the network has 460,000 students on roll and 1,340,000 alumni.

Punjab Group of Colleges Efforts

The efforts made by Punjab Group of Colleges towards improving the system of education in Pakistan become evident from the fact that its chains of schools and colleges are operating in different areas of the country. The students now have access to modern teaching aids and quality teaching materials on a majority level.

Chartered Universities

Further, the three chartered Universities: Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad and the University of Central Punjab in Lahore are all preparing competent professionals for the better growth of national force. These three Universities located in prime cities of the country are well equipped to train students for the job market so that they can contribute effectively to the development of Pakistan.

UCP Lahore

University of Central Punjab in Lahore is a W4 category university offering professional degrees through its 9 distinguished faculties. The degrees programmes are designed to involve various advanced courses that cater to contemporary areas of advancement necessary for the youth to study to cope up with the modern world. Education system at UCP is up to the mark and the degree programmes include specialization in Pharmacy, Management, Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Business, Biotechnology, Law, Economics, Literature, Linguistics, Psychology, Media, Journalism and other important disciplines.

UCP Facilities

UCP maintains top class facilities and ensures an environment of exposure for the students to be able to work and contribute in the market by gaining good experience in their academic years. There are more than 27 students societies working at the University which provide various platforms to the students that boost their passions and polish their innate skills. Many students at University of Central Punjab find their inner passions to be their dream professions and eventually pursue them as a full time career path due to the support of student societies and career office.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi is a top class university awarding degrees in various professional disciplines. The University offers state of the art modern facilities and exposure to the market world which help students develop the skills necessary to utilize in the job market. The faculty of eminent experts serving at top organizations and research facilities are contributing at the University and sharing their knowledge and experience with the students to train them for their future.

Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad

Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad has been operating since 1998 as a campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. However, now it is functioning independently after getting chartered by an act of parliament.  The University is offering degrees through Departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Management and Social Sciences. Capital University maintains a vast campus with a modern infrastructure, advanced facilities and fully equipped labs.

Capital University has an advanced curriculum which is ensured to keep in-lines with the changing times. The programmes are tailored not only for the popular market but also for the real need of our country’s economic and manpower development. Different types of training programs, seminars and workshops are entertained at the University to support an interactive environment where students engage and indulge in activities that would prepare them to lead in the future. There are many research projects being conducted at the University with the support of private and public organizations. The University has many experienced researchers as faculty members that are supervising the students to enable them to invent, innovate and inspire with their skills.

Hence, overall scenario of education in Pakistan has been improving and is on its way to betterment due to the efforts made by private organizations like Punjab Group of Colleges that has not only made educational facilities accessible but also maintained a quality of excellence and ensured a well monitored system which can be trusted by the people.

Education in Pakistan & the Role of the Punjab Group

The changing time and the increasing need of advancement in the system of education in Pakistan demands more and more attention towards the educational programmes available in the country. With that being said, it is still evident that the country suffers from having reasonable amount of educational resources distributed among all its areas. Pakistan continues to be among developing countries and its literacy rate still is not good enough to pace up the progress of the nation.

Education in Pakistan has always been a responsibility of the education ministry. As per our Constitution, Article 25-A, it is the duty of the state to ensure the availability of free education to the children between 5- 16 years old. Thus, every Pakistani citizen is entitled to free primary and secondary education. However, not all children have the access to quality education institutions where they can afford to go and study. The percentage of out of school children in Pakistan is alarming.

There is a long way to go for the public institutions to fulfill the promise of free education to all Pakistani children. A major portion of the population still does not have the accessibility to the public educational institutes. Although the mutual cooperation of public and private sector may give us a hope that in coming years the education will become more and more accessible to people.

Our country is indeed in a developing state and the future of this nation lies in the hand of the hand of our future generations. The more the man power in the country increases the stronger will our country become. Since the economic condition in the Pakistan shows a dire need of attention. The progress of business, trade and industry is very much at the hands of educated individuals who can lead the country towards growth. Illiteracy in the country and a very low literacy rate surely becomes a great hurdle in the path of our overall development.

It is of foremost importance that we educate our youngster because they are the key to our future. The fate our country lies upon the skilled and competent hands. The only means to the more power is by empowering our youth with the treasure of knowledge.

Education is the only power that we should be equipping our nation with.  It is through education that our people will be able to perform and excel in every walk of life. The international market world is fast paced and actively growing. In this era of globalization the people are connecting and contributing towards the betterment of human life. If our nation starts to excel in performance and if our people become one of the world’s best innovative resources in all fields than nothing would be able to stop us from progressing towards a better and brighter future.

PGC & the Dawn of Change

In 1985 the Punjab College of Commerce was established in Lahore that offered world class commerce education along with other intermediate programs. The college became a huge success due to the number of facilities provided to the students and the multiple scholarships given to the students based on merit. The students showed an excellent performance and the number of achievements began to increase time after time. Due to immense success, encouragement and performance the Punjab Colleges began to spread across the country forming the largest educational network in Pakistan known as the Punjab Group of Colleges.

There was a major lack of good higher education institutes in the country. The students who did manage to get the early education were not able to get an admission into a higher education college because there are very limited government colleges and before Punjab Colleges began operating there were only one or two private colleges functioning.


The Punjab Group once established started striving towards excellence in education. The network has been expanding educational horizons not only on intermediate level but is also ensuring early childhood Education in Pakistan to the PhD level quality education. Punjab Group of Colleges is putting all its efforts to achieve is mission of making education accessible in Pakistan with the aim of educating our nation for a prosperous future.

Over the last few decades The Punjab Group has successfully emerged as the Largest Educational Network in Pakistan. It is not only the presence of 390 Punjab Colleges all across the country but also the chains of 1038 Allied Schools, 306 EFA Schools, 15 Resource Academia Schools and 3 chartered universities running in different areas of the country that make Punjab Group of Colleges the most extensive educational network working in the country.

Until now PGC has successfully empowered its 1340,000 Alumni with the strength of world class education. With 460,000 students on the roll, there are more than 13663 students of Punjab Colleges currently enrolled in medical institutions, more than 17244 enrolled in engineering institutions while 108038 students studying in other professional institutes to become our workforce in near future. Moreover, the current workforce in Pakistan constitutes a major amount of PGC Alumni.

Punjab Colleges

Punjab Colleges were founded to provide intermediate education to the youngsters. The first college was Punjab College of Commerce in Lahore that was famously known as PCC. One single college led to a story greater than anyone had anticipated and turned into the countrywide known story of glory.

Today there are currently 390 Punjab Colleges functioning in more than a 100 cities of Pakistan. The colleges integrate world class facilities into their educational system, thereby offering high quality advanced teaching environment. There are top notch educational programs now available in far off areas of the country due to the foundation of Punjab College Campuses.

Punjab Colleges implement the modern teaching system that promotes practical based learning through the state of the art labs maintained at the institutes. The academic calendar includes many recreational activities carried out through a number of student societies actively working at the campuses. These societies work to encourage students to engage and participate in the various competitions to be able to explore and polish their hidden talents and potentials. Many students have been able to live their dreams by giving flight to their passions and turning them into their professions through these student societies.

A great number of PGC students became internationally recognized leading stars of Pakistan on various platforms. Students are given opportunities to make their mark not only in academics but also in other various fields. The platform that Punjab Colleges provide their students has a tradition of maintaining the record of excellence for the past many years. Sports teams of Punjab Colleges have been clinching Sports General Trophies of all Punjab Boards for many years consecutively. With the excellent academic results where students manage to achieve a majority of top positions every year, the Punjab Colleges also excel at competing in all fields.

Punjab Group of Colleges has been able to provide a safe and secure environment for the female students and have given them equal opportunities to excel in different areas of interest. Thus, there have been a great contribution of the network in reducing the gender disparity when it comes to literacy in Pakistan. Female education in Pakistan still being neglected. There is a major concern of Pakistani parents while sending their female child to pursue higher education that is of their safety and protection. The separate Punjab College Campuses for Boys and Girls, the systemized monitoring, the regular attendance alert sent to parents and the security arrangements have been able to offer the parents the satisfaction they need when it comes to girls education in Pakistan.

The situation of women’s education in Pakistan can be improved when the gender discrimination in the society can be dealt with. For the Pakistan to be a progressive nation it is important to empower the women and to provide them with the equal opportunities.

Schools by Punjab Group

The inaccessibility of education in Pakistan is a grave issue which causes a major hindrance in achieving the desired literacy rate. Assuring the access to education in far off areas of the country with the assurance of its quality is a serious issue. The schools that the children do manage to reach do not have the required facilities and their quality of education is also not adequate.

The ratio of out of school children in Pakistan is very alarming. The percentage of the children completing primary education is not enough for a very positive improvement of the situation of literacy in the country. Although the primary education in the country is said to be free for the children in the country, the educational resources that do manage to reach the children are below standard. The teachers in those schools are not trained, the facilities are not proper, the curriculum is obsolete and the teaching methods are nonproductive.

The teacher education in Pakistan is another subject of concern. The teacher teaching in the students in less developed areas are not properly trained. These teachers lack the apt knowledge of cognitive and intellectual upbringing of the children. The quality teaching is not possible without the quality education provided to the teachers themselves. It is a grave issue that the teachers in the schools are not proficient in performing the task of preparing are children to lead our future.

However, the Punjab Group has made a major contribution to remedy this situation.  There are currently 1038 Allied Schools working in the country to offer high quality early childhood education in Pakistan. These schools have managed to reach out to the children in the far off neglected areas of the country and have broadened the prospects of literacy.

Furthermore, there are 306 EFA schools running with the mission to ensure “Education For All”. This initiative by Punjab Group is changing the lives of many as these schools are working to support children to pursue education without any financial hindrance. These schools promote the cause of “No Child Left Behind”, that means they are being operated to serve a larger community with an affordable fee structure. Other than that there are 15 Resource Academia Schools which are offering Cambridge education to the children.

The technology integrated classroom at the schools pave way to innovation and creativity among the young minds. Quality of education at all the schools run by The Punjab Group is of excellent standard with the state of the art facilities. The changing trends and the advancement of technology has changed the education system worldwide. This is an era of digitization and today’s world is very much technology centered.

Education in Pakistan improved to a great extent in the past few years. There has been a major improvement to the system of teaching and learning. Different programmes have been launched to promote the skill building among masses. The distance education programmes have also proved to be very helpful in this regard.

The education level in Pakistan is improving everyday with the changing social environment and the fast spreading awareness among masses about the importance of education. The increasing number of schools have made education accessible to the children. The trend of online education in Pakistan has also paved the way to betterment since such programmes have expanded the reach of education to a much greater extent.

Online education in Pakistan is in itself a great change that can lead the nation towards a much better literacy situation. The trend of online education is also advancing every day and has taken the new shape in form of educational apps. The e-Learning systems have already set the new trend in the education system. Punjab Group of Colleges has been offering comprehensive e-learning resources to the students for a very long time. Now ever since the smartphones became popular they have paved the way for all kinds of smartphone apps. Educational Apps have become a modern teaching and learning method. Thus, the Punjab Group has also become one of the first educational network to introduce educational mobile apps in Pakistan.

EL by PGC is revolutionizing the education system in Pakistan by touching the lives of millions of students. This mobile app constitutes the educational resources which benefit the students to a great extent along with its ability to allow them to practice and test whatever they have learned while sitting anywhere at any time.

Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan the issue of improvement in the education system is of great significance. The system needs proper attention and the collaboration of both private and public institutions to collectively lead the nation towards prosperity. The impeccable improvements made by the private sector that is now leading the education in Pakistan to a much brighter direction, the public sector needs to support these improvements by offering the complete support and partnership. The inculcation of positivity among the youth is very much crucial in this regard. The students should have a positive attitude and a confidence in their educational system to be able to study with the zeal that is required of them. The quality assurance and the effectiveness of the teaching and learning system must also become a priority in our schools to ensure that every child must attain a minimum of primary level of education without hindrance.

It is a responsibility of all of us to work together to contribute towards the change in the education system of the country and to become a better and a literate nation. The change starts with each and every individual that vows to be productive and to participate in the pursuit of knowledge. Pakistan is in the need to become an educationally empowered nation at all levels. It is with the collective efforts done by the nation that this country can hope to achieve the desired status of a developed Pakistan on international level.

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