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Short Courses after I.Com

Short Courses after I.Com

What is I.Com?

I.Com is an intermediate degree program in Commerce. It is an ideal program for thousands of students who get admission in I.Com every year. Students generally choose this program because it is a career-oriented field. Especially people who are interested in banking and mathematical dealings from the very start of their schooling, get admission in this program. Furthermore, it is considered to be an adequate degree program in comparison to FA and FSC. This program provides students with a strong basic knowledge of a financial role in the business arenas. It allows students to know the elementary operational financial management procedures and matters of the companies. They progressively understand the benefit of investments that can increase their assets. Consequently, many people choose I.Com and try to search for a pertinent career. It is offered in almost all colleges and also many commerce colleges have been introduced who specialize in this degree program because of its high demand.
Primarily, in class 1st year, students get to study the basics of course work. It consists of the subjects of the Mathematics category. People get the knowledge of calculations and management of all financial matters in a different state of affairs.
Also, students with I. Com degrees who wish to get more education but have not sufficient funds or they are in hurry to start a professional life can choose to take admission in short courses programs or diplomas. Through this step, they can get professional learning in the relevant field. Read complete details of Short Courses after I.Com here in this article.

Following is the list of short courses that can be attained by I.Com students.

• Accounting
• Banking
• Finance
• Economics
• Business Management
• Mathematics
• Statistics
• Investment Banking and Capital Markets
• Audit
• Microsoft Excel


This course emphasizes the account-related tasks which may include, the opening of accounts, managing finances in accounts on the request of clients, an audit of financial information, providing account statements, and any required information to the customers. Accountants also provide required data and information to the bank’s management as required.


Banks are the main areas where all assets are dealt with in different scenarios. It is all about managing finances and investments. Usually, bankers are given the tasks to manage money in the form of savings, loans, retirement plans, withdrawals, deposits, issuance of credit or debit cards or provide support to any other bank-related requirements of the customers.


Finance related courses provide the elementary knowledge of handling and managing the money related matters. It may involve, withdrawal, credit, investment, and dealing in any other economic matters. After this type of learning, people can be hired as financial experts, financial analysts, or any other valuable financial role in different companies.


Economics deals in production, consumption, and distribution focusing on the economic agents’ behavior and interactions. It is a social science associated with the transference of wealth and dealing in the services of goods. Regardless of money, it also includes the use of resources by people and their decision making in financial matters.

Business Management:

Business Management course is all about the learning of traits and methods to produce worthy incomes through business products. It includes the smart techniques of investing money in the right thing at the right time.


It is the learning of numbers and their use in different scenarios. With the help of formulas, counting, space, and quantity, many queries can be resolved. Mathematics is a very basic and significant subject for those who like to play with numbers and are interested to get skilled in order to pursue their career as a teacher or any financial figure.


Statistics is comparatively easy but has the specific purpose of dealing with figures. The major learning of statistics relies on the collection and analysis of numerical data on a larger scale. Usually, the stats of revenue of the business are presented in the form of reports. It is the numeric conclusion of anything.

Investment Banking and Capital Markets:

In this course, students learn the techniques of handling one’s assets and management of their investments in beneficial ways. These are the units of any company that responsibly deal with a set of clients to provide financial services to them. Investments, usage, and management of their capitals are secured at the end of these groups.


An audit is the evaluation of the company’s assets, investments, and other policies’ implementation. The auditor plays the most essential role in the company. A person in this position, deal with the most sensitive and critical tasks. It is more about a check and balance game in terms of management of money, employees’ behavior, and other matters. An auditor is responsible to observe and ensure the execution of set plans in the right manner. Strict actions can be taken against the guilty person in case of any corruption found during the audit.

Microsoft Excel:

Many financial reports are prepared using Microsoft Excel software that comprises many tools and techniques. The use of this software makes it easier for one to generate desired statistics with the help of formulas applied in excel. People who get this type of knowledge and get skilled, are capable of working in any type of corporate sector.


Indeed, Demand for accountants or any other financial expert’s role is high in the market. A great number of jobs after doing I.Com is more than another field as each organization needs a financial expert who can deal with all monetary matters. Persons with this type of course study get jobs easily because all the business sectors and companies need a professional who can handle, increase, and competently invest the assets in the best promising conduct. People who put all the efforts to achieve their goal and reach a point in the commerce field, they keep going without counting the troubles and achieve to have productive and worthy consequences.
People with I. Com degree can pursue their studies further Bachelors programs to get specialized or they can also prepare for the CSS (Central Superior Services) exam to successfully achieve a high government-level position along with numerous benefits.
This type of study allows them to become professionals in the commerce field and groom their personalities so they can stand out among others and become successful.
The inevitability of people’s talent and passion leads them towards success in the future. Their work pays off without any doubt.

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