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Short Courses after FSC Pre-Medical

What is FSC Pre-Medical?

FSC means the Faculty of Science and pre-medical is the preliminary intermediate level of medical studies. In other words, it is an intermediary 11th and 12th class after matriculation. it is the first step towards the field’s professional knowledge. Usually, students with bioscience subjects in matric have the opportunity to take admission in this program. This option is adequate for future doctors and is the right choice for succeeding prospects. It provides many chances to grow within or out of the field. Pre-medical students are not restricted to choose medical fields only. They can rather change and study in other programs when required.
Generally, FSC students continue their studies in medical-related bachelor programs and aim to join the same field. MBBS (bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery), BDS (bachelor of dental surgery), DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy), BS in various medical subjects, or any other doctorate is the top priority for them.
Every year, a great number of students do not get the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor because of fewer marks or any other problems. Also, a few do not be able to get admission to further studies because of the unaffordability of high fee structures.
In case of this type of misfortunes, students do not have to worry!
Nevertheless, there is plenty of short courses offered to students who are willing to become a professional to build a good future. Through these short courses, Students learn the best of the relevant field and get skilled to an extent. Read details of Short Courses after FSC Pre-Medical here.

Following is the List of Short Courses after FSC Pre-Medical:

• Bio-Medical Technology
• Pharmacy
• Nursing
• Psychology
• Physiotherapy
• Clinical Assistant
• Diet and Nutrition Advisor
• Pulmonology
• Dermatology
• Medical Neuroscience
• Aeronautical Engineering / Aircraft Maintenance
• Computer Courses
• Quality Assurance Inspector
• Mechanical Technology
• Event Management
• Travel and Tourism Management

All the above mentioned short courses can also be attained in the form of diplomas and certificates depending on the institutions’ criteria and requirement.

Bio-Medical Technology:

The term also refers to Bio-Medical Engineering and Biotechnology. Biomedical technology is the combined study of engineering and technology principles that are applied to biological or medical problems. Its emphasis on human health and diseases. Students get to know the maximum about the medical field and learn the relevant techniques during the course. With the help of this course, students can also get a job at any hospital.


Pharmacy is the study of medicines. It mainly deals with the creation and dispense of drugs. Medications are prepared under the requirement for treatment to prevent or cure any disease. Medical students can find a wide range of opportunities at any hospital or pharmacy after doing this course.


Pakistan Nursing Council provides several nursing courses and diplomas in different programs. Students have the liberty to choose between; Nurse Midwife / Post Basic Speciality, Lady Health Visitors, Certified Nursing Assistant, and many other subjects. Registration in PNC is mandatory for someone to become a nurse in Pakistan.


Virtual University offers abundant short courses, one of which is Psychology. The course duration is almost 18 weeks comprised of 1 semester. It is the most interesting field that students can choose after FSC Pre-medical. It focuses on the study of humans’ behavior, action, and reaction in different situations. It is based on the science of the brain’s functioning in different moods. It also studies the reason behind anxiety and anger and provides appropriate treatments.


Physiotherapy is a combined study of medicine and health. Students get a deep knowledge of bones, muscles, joints, and functional structures. Through this study, any type of joint or muscle-related diseases can be treated with new therapeutic technology. This course can help one to grow professionally. However, this is a huge and complex study, it pays off in a very short span of time. Old aged people mostly require a physiotherapist for treatment.

Clinical Assistant:

During this clinical assistance short course, students have the opportunity to learn about medical terminology and administrative skills. They deal in operative tasks of any medical clinic that may include; management of clinical instruments and medicines, health care guidelines, and communication. It is a comparatively easy and go to short course for everyone.

Diet and Nutrition Advisor:

One of the most interesting parts of the medical field is Diet and Nutrition. An advisor of this field manages to provide an appropriate diet plan according to the patient’s health and disease. This course enables people to become a Nutrition Consultant and promote health and well-being. This type of practice includes the study of the patient’s health history and then makes a diet plan keeping in mind their level of metabolism, immune response, and body weight.


This study mainly focuses on the respiratory system of humans. A pulmonologist studies the whole connection and process from the windpipe to the lungs. They evaluate and treat the disease like Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Hypertension, and many other diseases.


This short course emphasizes the comprehensive study about skin, nails, and hair conditions. Covering all aspects of its transition in different health conditions, dermatologists do provide the right treatment and recommendations according to one’s health problems.

Medical Neuroscience:

Neuroscience typically focuses on the study of the nervous system. The nervous system’s function, structure, and development is the main subject of the study. Neuroscientists emphasize the brains’ role in the human body and its impact on one’s behavior. It covers psychology, anatomy, molecular biology, and the development system of an individual to understand the neurons. These types of short courses are normally offered in abroad. People who can afford and want to get professional knowledge in less time, take admission to such courses.

Aeronautical Engineering / Aircraft Maintenance:

Students who are interested in aircraft maintenance but are a constraint for investing money in bachelor studies must choose this short course. It demonstrates the procedures, maintenance, techniques, and practical experience of aircraft handling. Many foreign countries are offering this course but the easiest access for Pakistani students in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to attain this extraordinary knowledge. It also provides students with a license to deal with aircrafts maintenance professionally.

Computer Courses:

Several short course certification programs are being offered all over the country. Students can get skilful knowledge and be professional in the following, MS Office, Web Designing, Programming Language, SEO, and many other computer programs based on their interests.

Quality Assurance Inspector:

Quality Assurance means to ensure the accuracy of any products or applications. A Quality Assurance Inspector manages to inspect the product’s quality from all aspects. It is done before handing over the product to the client. In case of any issue found, materials or application is sent back to the concerned person. People with this type of profession have a high rate of job opportunities in the market.

Mechanical Technology:

In this course, one learns to repair and maintain machinery parts. They especially deal with metallic parts of any machine. It is a kind of alteration of any vehicle’s or any other machines’ technology. Taking this as a profession, people build up a great setup and make good money.

Event Management:

After FSC Pre-Medical, a person may want to join a different field of his/her interest. few of them are interested in Event Management which is about administrating the planning of events wholly. It is quite an interesting and easy resource to earn money professionally.

Travel and Tourism Management:

This is the right choice for those who love to travel. More than a few companies have now taken it as business and advertise their tour plan with affordable packages. They have established their links with different colleges and universities and also the groups from outside to stay in touch with them for any tour purposes. It is quite popular among the young generation who wish to explore Pakistan’s other beautiful side.

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