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How Much Does the US Spend on Education?

How Much Does the US Spend on Education?

How Much Does the US Spend on Education?

The United States, according to the latest published data, devoted 13.4% of its public spending to education. They spent 22.55% on health and 9.43% on defense.
The US spends almost $15,908 on one student. It is the estimated cost of a post-secondary student. The spending on graduate and postgraduate students is an average of $33,063 per pupil. The country’s (GDP) grows up to 71.6% faster than public education spending.

Where does the US rank in education?

The educational ranking keeps changing with time. The US was initially considered to be the best and number 1 for educational ranking. Lately, The current U.S. rank is number 14th in the world. People between 25-34 age are with higher education in the country. It is almost 42% of the average higher educational rate of the country. The US ranks quite lower among the developed countries.

If you were wondering, how much does the US spend on education? this article has illuminated that to you.
What does a sociological perspective tell us about education in the United States?
The social impact on people’s education is much more than one’s ability. During the educational period, people get to interact with a wide range of people. The social setup, policies of the country, and approaches to racism decide what they will learn and perceive. In the US, during the last few years, the social influence has been worsening.
People’s liberty of mind has been taken away. A racialist aura has been created around them. They are quite confused about what they want and what the social standards require. That has highly affected education in the United States. That has even lost the top ranks and no more a highly desired country to go for an education.

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