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Government Universities in Lahore for BSCS

Government Universities in Lahore for BSCS

What is BSCS?

BSCS is a 4 years’ program (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) based on computer studies. It helps an individual to become a good programmer. Major aspects of this program focus on hardware, software development, and programming. It applies mathematical formulas, engineering skills, and artificial intelligence in all development processes. Computer scientists create applications for computers, mobiles, develop websites for social media purposes, online shopping, and other things to make the computer work in an advanced way. They have eased people’s lives through the efficient creation of new online things. The most popular application among people is online banking. In such busy routines, people do not have to rush as they have been given access to online applications to get things done on one click. It is the right choice for those who are interested in mathematical theory and technical applications of computer science.

Why Lahore?

Lahore is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan. It is the center of attraction for so many youngsters around the country. Factually, it is also known for a big number of government and private educational institutes. Students from all over the country come and take admission to different fields and institutes based on their interests. They have been given the liberty to choose any university and degree program according to their previous studies. Each university may have different eligibility criteria. Though the private educational sectors are providing contemporary and advanced education using the new technologies and scheme of study, the value and demand of government universities are still higher than others. They offer affordable fee structures and other government-related facilities to students. All types of degree programs are being offered in universities of Lahore such as; Associate Degree Programs (ADA, ADC, ADS) bachelor programs (BSCS, DPT, BBA, and BS in many fields) Masters level degrees, and so on.
In this article, you will get to know about the Government Universities in Lahore for BSCS.
Government universities are those who tend to work under the supervision of the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. They have comparatively low fee structures and a good repute among students. It is the first and foremost desire of all to get admission to such universities and grow as a successful individual in the future.

List of Government Universities in Lahore for BSCS:

• Government College University
• University of the Punjab / Punjab University – Lahore
• University of Engineering and Technology – Lahore
• Information Technology University
• COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
• Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore
• Lahore College for Women University

Government College University:

GCU, Government College University is the priority of all students. Everyone wishes to study in such a renowned and well-established university. But! It requires a lot of hard work to get admission to this university. One has to be excellent in studies and achieve good results. The merit of GCU is pretty high and very selective people get the opportunity to study at this university.

University of the Punjab / Punjab University:

This is one of the largest and oldest universities in Lahore. Almost all types of degree programs are being offered at Punjab university. Management follows a contemporary scheme of study to keep students intact with such a fast-paced world.

University of Engineering and Technology- Lahore:

Since this university specializes in science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. It is the appropriate place for someone to study from this institute. A degree from this university not only adds a plus point to one’s profile but also enables students to grow professionally in the relevant field. Students experience a well-designed structure for a computer scientist with a lot of opportunities to rise and shine in the corporate world.

Information Technology University:

It is also a government university located in Lahore. It was founded and headed by Umar Sharif in 2012. Adequately it the right place for computer scientists because this is entirely a technology-based university located in Arfa Software Technology Park – Cyber Security Company. They ensure the provision of a research-oriented education so that students can explore and learn new skills and the advancement of new technologies and computer science.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology:

COMSATS is a place where students can get the best of BSCS as it is mainly a high-tech university. They build up a durable foundation in students with an ample collection of elective subjects to produce a bunch of relevant knowledge for students during the period of this degree program.

Kinnaird College for Women:

This is a woman’s substantial arts university. Only female students can take admission in any relevant degree program based on the set merit. This is the most popular university among women and many of the legendary females have studied here. They are still regarded as alumni students and serving the country through politics, arts, music, and writing. The eligibility criteria for this university is quite high.

Lahore College for Women University:

This university is also a women-oriented educational institute. Many female students take admission to the BSCS degree program and become a computer scientist. Such universities enhance one’s exposure and boost up their confidence level. They ensure the provision of modern and helpful knowledge to students.
To make education accessible to everyone in the country, the Government has improved the system and introduced online studies for those who cannot afford studies with higher fee structures or have any responsibility to stay at home or go out for work. Education is now provided at their doorsteps. Students who get admission to these open/virtual universities get to study at home and prepare for exams with periodic meetings with their supervisors. They can opt to have Face-to-face training sessions also. Completion and submission of assignments is an important part of this distant education to keep students indulged in their studies.
Government Universities Offering Online BSCS in Lahore:
• Virtual University of Pakistan
• Allama Iqbal Open University

Virtual University of Pakistan:

It was a great virtual initiative taken by the government in 2002 to introduce the first-ever modern educational institute. In a short span of time, it has spread the education to more than a hundred cities of the country and even to overseas Pakistani students. It has the most advanced information and communication technologies. It is a non-profit university with very affordable fee structures. The virtual university provides online higher education programs for students who cannot manage to come and get an education at university. Through the free-to-air satellite, internet, and television broadcasts, it allows students to follow the program courses and assignments regardless of their physical locations. It is a form of a distant education where students do not face any hassle and study from home. They get to learn new techniques and the science of computers in the BSCS program.

Allama Iqbal Open University:

AIOU was established in 1974 as the second open university in the world and first in Asia and Africa. With the purpose of providing education to the masses. Especially the people who have responsibilities to stay at home or at jobs and the females who are not allowed to go out and get an education, they are the main intents behind this revolutionary step. this university successfully outreached to overcome the poverty and deprivation of female students in educational systems. The literacy rate increased with this idea of providing education at doorsteps even in rural areas of the country. It made education easily accessible and grabbed students’ attention. Through the durable structures of such distant education, students cannot neglect their studies and tend to complete the given assignments on time. Almost all degree programs including BSCS are being offered in this open university.

Private Universities in Lahore for BSCS:

• University of Central Punjab
• Lahore Garrison University
• FAST NUCES Lahore Campus
• University College Lahore
• PUCIT Qarshi University
• Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore
• Lahore School of Economics, Lahore
• University of Lahore, Lahore
• University of Management & Technology, Lahore
• National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore
• Beacon house National University, Lahore
• Lahore Leads University
• Forman Christian College
• Hajvery University Lahore
• University of South Asia
• Minhaj University Lahore

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