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FSc Admission 2021 at PGC

Faculty of Sciences (FSc) is a two-year intermediate programme which is the most sought-after programme by the students. Most of the students compete to secure a place in FSc due to its high merit and great scope. There are two types of FSc:

  1. FSc Pre-Medical
  2. FSc Pre-Engineering

Eligibility for Admission:

  • A student must have cleared matriculation/O-Level exams
  • Must have the right aptitude for sciences

Criteria to choose FSC Programme:

By the end of matriculation, most of the students are not sure of what career path to choose. It is highly crucial for talented students to get proper counselling before choosing which FSC programme is suitable as an intermediate programme is a major deciding factor for your career direction. Fortunately, PGC offers free career counselling workshops to the students. Before FSc admission, a student can contact the admission staff to get details and guidance free of cost. But apart from this facility, here are some tips to consider before choosing out of two FSc programme types.

  • Introspect your interests and likings towards the core subjects of FSc
  • Consider both biology and mathematics marks in matriculation/O-Level
  • Consider the scope of each FSc programme
  • Discuss it with your teachers, parents, counsellors and peers

FSc Admission 2021 at PGC:

PGC is offering Free Pre-First Year Classes that provide a great opportunity for students to experience the academic excellence of PGC and prepare themselves before their FSc journey starts. Admissions for 2021 have just started and we advise you to start your admission process before the closing date. If you find any kind of confusion regarding these matters, then you can contact us for:

  • Admission fee for FSc
  • Updated Criteria for FSc exam 2021
  • Eligibility for FSc education
  • Duration of FSC Program

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