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Fine Arts Subjects for 1st Year in Pakistan

Fine Arts Subjects for 1st Year in Pakistan

What is Fine Arts?

The three conventional divisions of fine arts are painting, sculpture, and architecture. However, many other arts-related fields have emerged from this term. It includes film, literature, music, poetry, animations, theatre, dance, all artistic talents, and other media related things such as communicating through media, are included in an extensive characterization of the arts.
During the education period, many programs emphasize specializing in a specific area of one’s interest. It may include all the modern types of arts such as animation, art and technology, ceramics, photography, drawing, interactive digital media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, 3D graphics, 3D modeling, and visual arts.
There are different techniques used by artists to create a specific piece of art. Weaving, painting, glass blowing, sculpting, and many other arts are created using different methods and ideas. An artist puts all his/her effort to complete the art work.
Many of the artists create their art works based on a message. They put their thoughts into a piece of art. A painting, sculpture, music, or any other art may be a depiction of an artist’s imaginations. People who try to observe their art work, an idea, or thought is provoked inside them telling the story behind its creation.
Though people take admission to colleges and universities to learn a specific art but it’s not learning, it’s a matter of polishing their talent. All the creativity of an artist is not learned. A person is an inborn artist when it comes to art. People cannot learn to create. It is an inborn talent gifted to them by God. The study just magnifies their skills. You can read complete details of Fine Arts Subjects for 1st Year in Pakistan here.

Fine Arts Subjects in 1st Year (11th Class):

Students usually take fine arts as an optional subject in FA. It is the choice of those who are interested in arts from the very beginning of their studies. In their childhood, they spend more time drawing, and gradually it becomes their passion. People with other art skills practice the same.
Initially, in class 1st year students get to study the subject which is History of Arts and get a brief basic knowledge about drawing, painting, graphics sculpture, or any other art through books and a little practical work in the class.

List of 1st Year (11th Class) subjects may be as follows:

• History of Arts
• Painting
• Drawing or sculpture
Along with these fine arts subjects, students may choose to study:
• Economics
• Geography
• Statistics
• English Literature as an optional subjects while,
• Urdu
• English
• Islamiyat (Ethics for non-Muslims) are compulsory subjects.
Many art-related colleges offer a bachelor in fine arts which is a professional arts degree. Students having eagerness about arts opt for those colleges and get a professional degree to get recognition around the world.
National College of Arts is one of those colleges. Pakistan’s renowned musicians, singers, painters, actors, and filmmakers are alumni of this college.
It offers a variety of art-related courses and programs such as Fine Arts, Textile Design, Product Design, Ceramic Design, Musicology, Film and Television, Cultural Studies, Architecture, Visual Communication Design, and many more.

BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts):

Attaining a Fine Arts bachelor’s degree and doing justice to studies bring next-level fame and recognition around the world. They bring revolutions with such aesthetic choices and their style of living grows into uniqueness. It enhances one’s personality and boosts up their confidence. They learn the ability to think analytically which contributes to their future achievements. People with this profession live in another zone and style. This bachelor’s degree program is divided into 8 semesters in total and 4 semesters each year.

Fine Arts Subjects in 1st Year BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts):

1st Semester;
Drawing I
Drafting I
Design Process I
Sculpture I
English Language and Literature I
History of Art I
Introduction to the Arts I
Pakistan Studies

2nd Semester;
Drawing II
Drafting II
Design Process II
Sculpture II
English Language and Literature II
History of Art II
Introduction to the Arts II

3rd Semester;
Introduction to Fine Art I
Painting/Miniature Painting/Sculpture/Print making
Drawing I
History of Arts I
Fine Art Seminar I

4th Semester:
Introduction to Fine Art II
Painting/Miniature Painting/Sculpture/Print making
Drawing II
History of Arts II
Fine Art Seminar II

All fine arts based universities teach the same concepts and techniques but their names of subjects and scheme of study may be different from each other.

Students also get knowledge about; Knowledge of the rules of perspective, Drawing from memory and imagination, Ability to draw from life, Knowledge of golden proportions, Composition skills, Constructive drawing, Architecture, Pottery, Conceptual Art, Realistic Drawing, Interior Design, Drama, and a lot more.


People who put all the effort to achieve the goal and reach a point in the arts field, they keep going without counting the hurdles and achieve to have fruitful and praiseworthy results.
Those who pursue their talent with passion, get success in the future. Their art work pays off without any doubt.
This type of study enables them to become experts in the arts field and groom their personalities so they stand out among others.
Artists have a deep understanding of both, the traditional cultures and the contemporary side of the society and so they depict all their observations and predictions in their art work. A piece of art is an articulation of their hard work and the efforts behind its creation.


Ample of career opportunities are available for fine arts students. They tend to choose the field of their interest and use their natural artistic skills at work. Learning of such student just take place to polish their talent and techniques and they get a degree or a professional certification for jobs and business purposes. Fine Arts students can become an Art Teacher, Painter, Designer, Writer, Actor, Director, and a lot more. Students opt for this Fine Arts career not just to make good money but also to gain prestige in the world. An upright art work of any type has its own worth among those who understand what art is.

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