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Punjab College Multan tops Bahaudin Zakariya University B.Sc. Results 2017

Punjab College Multan tops
Bahaudin Zakariya University B.Sc. Results 2017
We take great pleasure in delivering the fact that Punjab College has maintained its trend of providing excellence in education
by nurturing skills of devoted students. Once again, the bright student of Punjab College Multan has accomplished 1st position in
Bahaudin Zakariya University B.Sc. Results 2017.

In the year 2016, the highly talented Hafsa Naeem secured 2nd position in B.Sc. Results and this year, Beenish Iqbal nailed 1st
position with 723/800 marks. This depicts the never ceasing credibility that Punjab Group of Colleges puts forward when it comes
to giving quality education.

Punjab College shines out with top positions in Federal Board Result 2017

Federal Board Positions 2017
Putting up with the trending excellence persistently, Punjab Group of Colleges has set quality standards. The multi-talented and
intelligent students of Punjab College shine out the top positions in Federal Board Result 2017.

In the education realm, the rising stars achieved highest grades: Mishkat Mubashar secured 1st position in overall Federal Board
and Medical group with 1055/1100 marks, Saher Qudsiah attained 2nd position in overall Federal Board and Medical Group with
1047/1100 marks, Nabia Salma obtained 3rd position in General Science with 986/1100 marks whereas, Noman Akbar, Iqra Kauser
and Abrar Ahmad accomplished 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions with 964/1100, 955/1100 and 950/1100 marks in Commerce respectively.

Punjab College Multan stands out with Top 5 positions in Results

Punjab College Multan stands out with Top 5 positions in Results

(Bahaudin Zakariya University)

We take immense pride in the fact that Punjab of Group of Colleges still maintains its legacy of excellence and marks distinction in the academic arena. The bright and talented students of Punjab College Multan have sweep cleaned the top 5 positions in 2017 at Bahaudin Zakariya University.

Our stars outshined amongst all other colleges: Mahnoor secured 1st position with 1255/1500 marks; Mah noor and Fatima Mustaneer secured 2nd and 3rd position with 1250/1500 marks and 1249/1500 marks, whereas Maleeha Mushtaq stood 4th with 1242/1500 marks and 5th position was scored by Aleena Batool with 1239/1500 marks.

We congratulate our students for performing exceptionally well and showing wonders in the educational arena.

EL by PGC – Have a hands-on learning experience

EL by PGC – Have a hands-on learning experience

Punjab Group of Colleges strongly believes in providing the best learning by offering access to the highly resourceful e-learning program from where you can grow intellectually, learn quickly and accelerate your skills virtually. It makes learning totally worth your time and energy as solutions to all the remedies are available on the app. The feature saves time and solves the unsolved.

The acknowledgment of having education at your fingertips comes as a virtual treat to the brain box, skills and intelligence of the students having access to it. Students become more efficient and advance while preparing and educating themselves through the trendy app. Now, achieving excellent results and fostering your skills have become a click away.

Be ready to enhance learning and download the app.

Students can prepare for Intermediate Board Exams at PGC Campuses

Punjab Group of Colleges welcomes its students to utilize its campus classrooms for exam preparation. The tradition of care at Punjab Colleges has been extended to offer students the facility of exam preparation in the comfort of AC classrooms in times of load shedding. Understanding the situation of electricity crisis in the country, PGC has opened its campus doors for the students so they can access uninterrupted electricity flow without any hindrance.
Students are free to go to their campuses during 7pm-5am and study for their exams whenever they want. Further, subject specialists have been made available at the campuses so that the students can be provided with assistance if required. The purpose is to facilitate students at the maximum level so that they can prepare for their exams without any disruption.

Free Pre First Year Classes at Punjab Colleges

Pre-First Year Classes is an excellent opportunity for students to begin their intermediate training early. These classes are offered to students who have passed their matriculation exam and are awaiting their results. The purpose of Pre-First Year Classes is to provide familiarity to students with their intermediate syllabus so that they are able to stay ahead in their knowledge by attending these pre-classes.

In these classes, students and teachers are both actively involved in planning and carrying out learning activities of concept building, quizzes, classroom discussions and exams. The goal of Pre-First Year Classes is to inculcate self-learning ability and encourage self-exploration while attending each student at an equal level.

How do PRE First Year Classes Benefit you?

Pre-First-Year Classes play a significant role in the students’ life due to the following reasons:

  • Early familiarity with Intermediate syllabus and exam process
  • Directing and Motivating students to the right career path
  • Evaluation and Grading help better learning
  • A healthy learning camp for summers to instil confidence
  • Identifies weaknesses and strength areas


  • The Fee structure of Pre-First Year Classes is absolutely free at Enrolling in Pre-First Year also allows students to reserve their seats for regular intermediate admissions, and any fees collected at the time of the registration are afterwards adjusted from the students’ tuition fees.
  • PGC believes that all students deserve the best quality education; hence, these free Pre-First Year Classes are eligible for all students regardless of any marks or educational background.

PGC E-Learning

PGC E-Learning portal and app ensure efficient understanding and learning for intermediate students with course materials like video lectures, MCQs, past papers and more are available for the students at a click of a button.


Faculty required

Applications are invited from competent candidates for the posts of Lecturers in the disciplines as mentioned in the advertisement below.

Punjab Group of Colleges arranged a Motor Show

Punjab Group of Colleges arranged a Motor Show for its students. Such events create an environment of fun and cheerfulness for the students and expose them to the variety of vehicles. These events enable them to study the workings of these fascinating machines and learn how they function.

The event was a huge success. People with great vehicles participated and showed their amazing machines to the attendees. Students attended the show and loved all the vehicles that were displayed at the showcase.

Punjab College Gujranwala arranged Annual Sports Day

Punjab College Gujranwala arranged Annual Sports Day for its students. The event entertained various sports competitions and enabled students to show their skills in sports.

Sports days allow the students to enjoy healthy activities that encourage physical fitness. Such activities promote a sense of harmony among students and enable them to learn the value of teamwork. It teaches the significance of unity and working together with discipline.

Ensuring safety of our future – for those I love i wear a helmet

Punjab Group of Colleges has initiated a helmet safety awareness campaign to ensure the safety of its students. Under this initiative, free helmets are being distributed among students so that they may utilize them for their safety and develop a responsible driving behavior.

At PGC the culture of care is adopted and passed on to the students for their better development into responsible individuals. This initiative is aimed at encouraging the students to adopt safety measures while driving and make an example for other citizens.

Helmet distribution ceremonies are being held at different PGC campuses. These ceremonies include road safety awareness lectures by reputed guests. Students are also carrying out supervised bike rallies holding posters and banners regarding the importance of road safety and helmets.

PGC intends to spread the message of love and care through this campaign. Our lives are connected with other lives. There are people who care about our health and safety and worry about us when we head out of our homes. It is for those people we should take safety measures and act responsibly to regard them for their devotion.