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Punjab Group of Colleges turned as most desirable educational institute as the group accomplished 153 top positions in Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education Result ‘18

Punjab Group of Colleges celebrates another year of excellence as the organization has displayed marvelous results by achieving the maximum number of positions in Boards of intermediate Result ‘18.

A brilliant student from Punjab College Lahore “Kashaf Sanaullah” proved to be the most commendable achiever who became overall 1st Position holder in Lahore Board of Intermediate Result ‘18 with 1062/1100 marks. Nevertheless, many students achieved overall 1st Positions in various Boards of Intermediate and those shining names are mentioned below:

Boards Name Marks
Lahore Board Kashaf Sanaullah 1062/1100
Multan Board Samreen Shahid 1052/1100
Gujranwala Board Maliha Maryam 1051/1100
Faisalabad Board Mehwish Saleem 1051/1100
DG Khan Board Faryal Pervez 1057/1100
Rawalpindi Board Zaheka Tul Jannat 1048/1100
Federal Board


Hammad Saleem 1058/1100
Masooma Zainab 1058/1100
Momina Maham 1058/1100


Punjab Group Colleges accomplished 153 Top Positions in all Boards of Intermediate Result ‘18. Here is a quick glance on positions achieved by brilliant students in different boards of Intermediate Result ‘18:

Boards Total Top positions by Punjab College
Lahore 21
Bahawalpur 10
DG Khan 10
Gujranwala 28
Sahiwal 11
Rawalpindi 18
Federal 12
Faisalabad 19
Sargodha 10
Multan 11


The high flyers are quite near to their ambition and Punjab Group of Colleges hopes the best in their future achievements.

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Punjab College notches top positions in University of the Punjab B.Com Result 2017

Punjab College notches top positions

in University of the Punjab B.Com Result 2017

Punjab Group of Colleges is the epitome of education where it strives for excellence. The largest educational network aspires to build future of its students while making sure that they are fully equipped academically.

Once again, students have shown excellence by securing top positions in B.Com result ’17 of University of the Punjab: the super talented “Nimra Naeem” bagged 1st position with 1163/1500 and “Kainat Gul” achieved 2nd position with 1143/1500 marks.

Overwhelmingly, PGC congratulates its students for performing remarkably and making their institute shine brighter!

PGC secures 16 Top Positions in Bachelors Result 2017

PGC secures 16 Top Positions

in Bachelors Result 2017

Flawlessly, Punjab Group of Colleges stands at the top in the world of education. PGC strongly admires the intelligence of students through which they accomplished 16 top positions in Bachelors result ’17:

Top positions in B.Sc result 2017

Punjab University                                                              1st & 3rd position

University of Gujrat                                                           1st Position

University of Sargodha                                                     2nd and 3rd position

Baha ud Din Zakariya University                                      1st Position

Islamia University                                                             1st, 2nd & 3rd position

Top positions in B.Com result 2017

Number of students who notched top positions in B.Com result 2017

Baha ud Din Zakariya University                                      Top 5 Positions

Punjab University                                                              Top 2 Positions

Islamia University                                                              1st & 3rd position

The high achievers have proved that they are no less than anybody in the competitive arena.

Treasuring Success – PGC notched 6 Overall Top Positions in various Intermediate Boards across Pakistan

Treasuring Success – PGC notched 6 Overall Top Positions

in various Intermediate Boards across Pakistan

Punjab Group of Colleges is extremely delighted to walk in the spotlight where the air is filled with success. Once again, the bright students of PGC stole the show in Intermediate Boards Result ’17.

Commendably, 6 Overall Top Positions were accomplished by PGC students in different Intermediate Boards: Muhammad Umer topped Lahore Board with 1060/1100 marks, Hafiz Khizer Mubeen bagged overall top position in Gujranwala Board with 1058/1100 marks, Aqsa Ahmad secured the 1st position in Sahiwal Board with 1042/1100 marks, Anmool Fatima and Jawairia Mustafa scored overall top positions in Multan Board with 1050/1100 marks and Mishkat Mubashir achieved the position of topper in Federal Board with 1055/1100 marks.

With great pleasure, we congratulate the enthusiastic and super talented students for such a spectacular achievement. Only the toppers don not deserve acknowledgment but also their compatible parents and cooperative teachers who have been supportive throughout.

Moment of Great Pride – 148 Top Positions in All Intermediate Boards Result 2017

Moment of Great Pride – 148 Top Positions in

All Intermediate Boards Result 2017

Persistently inculcating excellence in the educational arena and never quitting from putting forward the best in every academic discipline, Punjab Group of Colleges honorably sticks to its trend of succeeding every time.

Since 2005, PGC is continuously securing top positions in Intermediate Boards Result and this year also, it has earned great achievements. PGC clinched 148 Top Positions in All Intermediate Boards Result ’17. Apart from the commendable result, 6 overall top positions were also bagged by PGC students in different Intermediate Boards, out of which, PGC secured 3 overall top positions in BISE Lahore Result \\\’17. Let’s have a thorough look at the achievements from various Intermediate Boards:

Board Names Number of Positions
Lahore Board 24 Top Positions
Gujranwala Board 24 Top Positions
Faisalabad Board 12 Top Positions
Bahawalpur Board 14 Top Positions
DG Khan Board 3 Top Positions
Sahiwal Board 16 Top Positions
Multan Board 13 Top Positions
Sargodha Board 13 Top Positions
Faisalabad Board 12 Top Positions
Rawalpindi Board 16 Top Positions
AJ & K Board 5 Top Positions
Federal Board 8 Top Positions

All time expanding educational institute pridefully walks into the ring of success where applauds are directed towards them. PGC gives credit to not only the goal oriented and passionate students but also adores the limitless efforts of cooperative teachers and supportive parents.

Punjab College bags top positions in University of the Punjab B.Sc Result 2017

Punjab College bags top positions in
University of the Punjab B.Sc Result 2017
The core objective of Punjab Group of Colleges is to bring education to every willing individual and setting standard that one
can’t say no to. Producing back to back top results have become a trend for the educational network.

This time again; students have obtained top positions in B.Sc result 2017 of Punjab University: the highly talented “Sadia Zahid”
notched 1st position with 681/800 marks and Asma Latif secured 3rd position with 668/800 marks.

Punjab College stands 3rd in University of Gujrat B.Sc result 2017

Punjab College stands 3rd in 
University of Gujrat B.Sc result 2017
Punjab Group of Colleges overshadows all other institutes especially when it comes to providing an education that enables the youth
to accomplish their objectives.
University of Gujrat announced the B.Sc result 2017: “Ayesha Akbar” nailed 3rd position with 651/800 marks. PGC proudly acknowledges
the efforts of its teachers & the continuous commitment shown by them which enables the youth to achieve the best of their capacity.

Punjab College obtains top positions in University of Sargodha B.Sc Results 2017

Punjab College obtains top positions 
in University of Sargodha B.Sc Results 2017

The flourishing educational network “Punjab Group of Colleges” successfully strengthens and maintains the norm of putting forward
the exclusivity in the educational arena. The dedicated students of Punjab College standout with top positions in B.Sc result 2017
of University of Sargodha: Tyesha Hafeez secured 2nd position with 649/800 marks and Asima Iqbal achieved 3rd position with
647/800 marks.

The praise-worthy performances show how brilliantly Punjab Group of Colleges delivers the quality that every student desires in the
academic world.

Punjab College notches top 5 positions in Islamia University Bahawalpur B.Com & B.Sc Results 2017

Punjab College Notches top 5 positions in
Islamia University Bahawalpur B.Com & B.Sc
Results 2017

Experiencing moments of pride one after the other, Punjab College zestfully sticks to its culture of enhancing intellect and producing best results. Once again, the hard-working students of Punjab College attained top 5 positions out of 6 in B.Com & B.Sc results 2017 in Islamia University Bahawalpur.

On 20th July 2017, Islamia University Bahawalpur announced the results of B.Com and B.Sc. The super intelligent Ayesha Naeem achieved the first position in B.Sc by obtaining 721/800 marks, Sania Irshad bagged 2nd position with 704/800 marks and Sumaia Amjad nailed 3rd position with 701/800 marks.

Similarly, the students of Punjab College Bahawalpur produced amazing results in B.Com Results as well. Hafiz Abu Bakar Atta scored 1st position with 1132 marks and Sana Aslam accomplished 3rd position with 1113 marks. These outstanding results portray the level of excellence Punjab College has induced in its education rewarding students with a bright future.