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e Learning Courses & the Launch of EL by PGC

The ultimate evolution of learning process is the advent of eLearning solutions. Gone are the times when students had to rely on classroom lectures and resort to rote learning.

All students struggle with bundles and bundles of books and the drill of having to carry them around. Students even compete on the subject of how thick your book is? When discussing preparation and completion of course work they ask which page are you on or how many pages have you covered?

Dawn of handouts and notes came. Students were able to put aside the heavy books and go through the pile of notes instead. However, notes can be easily lost. They can be damaged and also cannot be solely relied on. This is where the need for e learning platform emerges.

Students cannot be expected to understand and learn what is written in the books and the notes by themselves. The classroom lectures remain a very crucial part in the process of learning. Importance of classroom lecture remains forever intact. It is a lecture given by the teacher that completes a very significant part of teaching and learning, as it is a major way of teaching. Students who miss a classroom lecture struggle to keep up with their syllabus. Although even if they try hard to maintain a regular attendance record they still somehow need reinforcement of all those lectures for their revision.

This is where e learning programs come in handy!

In Pakistan, tuition culture is very deeply rooted. It has now become a very commonly accepted phenomenon. Students seek home tuition or visit tutors at their home for their preparations and to revise lectures.  Hence the streets of the country are full of academies and tutors available. The academies have taken so much hold of study system that they are considered to be a major prerequisite of  educational success.

What if all the lectures and notes were converted into e learning resources?

Going for tuition every day after taking all your classes in the day is no easy. Not all students can pull it off. Not all have the extra money to pay for that. Plus these tutors are not always available at your service. A student can need to redo and relearn the course at any time, for any test or even the night before exam.

e Learning System

Since this is an age of digitalization and technical  innovation, today an online search is our first go to place for anything and almost everything. Therefore, a search for e learning courses began. It is now a natural need of students. In this modern age where all good and useful things are one click away, education must be no exception.

e Learning Courses

Naturally e learning system of education is now very much part of the teaching and learning process. Many educational platforms emerged with the facility of online educational resources for the students of modern era. Among the platforms present in Pakistan, the largest educational network of the country introduced a detailed and comprehensive e learning portal consisting of thoroughly planned in-depth study materials.

Punjab Group of Colleges started offering online study materials at This online system included interactive video lectures and other electronic resources beneficial for the students. When it comes to e learning design has to be very catchy and must communicate to the student exactly what should be communicated. The material offered by Punjab Group made a revolutionary change in the lives of students by providing them all they needed for their learning online.

The modernization of education and the advancement of study resources has not end here with PGC. Evolution of teaching and learning process continues and also their methodologies. The technology is improving day by day and with this growth e learning tools are also changing.

Ever since smart phones came into our hands and social media apps became part of our lives, students did not waste no time to utilize what they had in hands for their study needs.

The Smartphone generation which is also social media freak, started creating online study groups where they could exchange notes and discuss their syllabus. Doing this they were able to get the help of their friends and teachers available but it involved investment of time. The major drawback of this exercise is the distractions present on such platforms. Students easily get distracted in group discussions and end up wasting very important hours or sometimes even loose all the information if the group chat gets compromised.

Thus, the need for elearning training became crucial. A change of trend was due and students were needed to be directed towards accessing reliable and authentic study resources. Punjab Group of Colleges took this matter into consideration and launched its very own e-Learning app.

Launching an educational app which covers all the needs of students is indeed a revolutionary step. Modern culture has very much involvement of mobile apps and people everywhere have made them very much a part of their lives. Students are all the more prone to this change of life style. Mobile app today is one of the most easiest and handiest elearning solutions.

Students who want to study at home without any tuition or help can now be at ease. The hassle of searching online for e learning courses is also not required anymore. “EL by PGC” the mobile app which covers all that you need is now only a download away from you. Through this app everything you may require will be in your hands, wherever you may be.

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