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Why Education Should Be Free?

Why Education Should Be Free?

Why education should be free?

Why Education Should Be Free?

Following the international human rights law, primary education should be compulsory and free. Free primary education is essential to guarantee access to education for all. However, in many developing countries, families often cannot afford to send their children to school.

There are millions of school-age children surviving without an education. Despite international obligations, some of the States continue to set payment for access to primary education. In addition, there are often indirect costs related to education.

Those are in the form of school textbooks, uniforms, or transportation. That prevents children from low-income families from having access to education. Secondary and higher education will progressively become free. It will take time.

The financial difficulties faced by States cannot free them from their obligation to guarantee free primary education. If a State is unable to ensure free and compulsory primary education. “The progressive introduction of free education” means that states, in addition to giving priority to the provision of free primary education. Also must adopt concrete measures to achieve free secondary and higher education.

It seems that there is a consensus in society that the economic capacity of families does not impede accessing education. However, a problem arises when one thinks about why those who can finance their education should receive this benefit? This argument has been used transversally in the political world, from the right to the consensus.

Although this reluctance seems reasonable, the student movement has been in favor of education being free for all. It is an issue that does not seem to receive real attention and support. The question is, what are the arguments behind this demand?

Now, before answering this question, let’s try to contextualize this difference between the political world and the students. One of the main issues that these differences reveal has to do with the distancing between society and the political world. At this point, it is mainly concerned due to the crisis of representativeness that our country has.

This is a clear example of the distance that exists between society and the political sphere. To now answer the question raised above, we can summarize the meaning of this requirement mainly in the Autonomy.

Benefits of free education:

The benefits of free education are endless. From improving skills you later had to study a new job. Education is a unit benefit, more and more people are hearing about free courses, diplomas, and masters. But what benefit could a country obtain from free education? The answer to this question arises from the need to know what benefits free education brings.

With a series of steps, we will guide you to enjoy the benefit of free education. Today, it is available to many people. Regardless of whether you are a migrant or live in your home country. These tips will be crucial to get the free education you want in the country you are in.

Free education is the opportunity that countries provide for the improvement of the common population. Being foreigners or their native population. Free education brings the benefit that enables you to earn the education you want to have.

The country benefits from the result of educating professionals who later dedicate themselves to entrepreneurship. Also to transfer and utilize their knowledge and competence in the country where they reside to study and work.

To train in any field, planning is ideal when starting. With this method, you will be able to have all the study experience free or not. Having a study partner is also recommended since in this way the study hours become less tedious. It is when sharing the studies with a friend, family member, or partner.

Motivation is common when there is support. You must seek support from someone interested in expanding their knowledge. This is a recommendation given by alumni or people who are aware of this type of free educational opportunity.

Why education should be free, how is this beneficial to a country?

Education is a right that allows people to improve themselves integrally. This is the key so that the country has more young people prepared to face challenges. This is the best way to generate jobs, create companies, and innovate in sectors that without adequate preparation would be impossible to exploit.

For it is convenient to create programs that help people in difficult conditions so that they can access public and free education. However, giving them everything they need so that the process they decide to start is as rewarding as possible.

Free education not only refers to not having to pay tuition and semester. But they also have to create programs that contemplate absolutely everything. Such as food, housing, economic support of the young person, photocopies, and everything related to education.

This will prevent student dropouts from increasing. Because they have to remember that many of these young people have relatives for whom they can respond. And being immersed in the study it would be difficult for them to continue helping at home.

One of the alternatives that arise in cases in which young people have to collaborate at home. It is to get them a part-time job so that they can also support their family during that study process.

This should be a priority to guarantee a full free education program and although it seems a bit complex. Always taking the first step towards these changes is what manages to generate awareness in society. It thus builds a better country.

Free education advantages and disadvantages:

Free education in a country is one of the greatest advantages. Young people with low income who want to pursue a university career can have.

Education is one of the most important branches of our society. Since the beginning of time, it has been a fundamental pillar to get to where we are now. Whether in the form of education by institutions, schools, universities, kindergartens, courses, etc. Also in a more basic and timeless way, the direct transfer of knowledge from one person to another. For example, your parents when they taught you to speak.

The importance of education for all of us is crystal clear. What we will be discussing here is paid education versus free education.

Is education by institutions so important as to subsidize it and allow access to everyone? Are the free courses and careers worth enough to be of quality?

Advantages of free educational media; Free education media is a great job creation tool with a low barrier to entry. Today, among them we can mainly find online courses and face-to-face workshops.

A clear example of the success that offering free education courses can present is our web platforms. Those platforms specialize in offering education material for students. Through these platforms, students can examine their learning and prepare for exams.

Much of its success is due to its teaching model, totally online and free. This allows interested students to take part in one of the courses offered for their relevant field. And also to progress at their own pace, from wherever they want. In addition, they have an extensive list of free online courses so that they can acquire knowledge about the area that is of interest to them.

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy in this article. The free educational media do have a negative part as well. Although we must clarify that this part does not apply to its students, but rather to its creators.

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of free education has more clearly explained why education should be free.

The fact that you offer an education course completely free will make your audience increase exponentially. Many people who have doubts about whether to register or not will do so simply because it is free.

While this will increase your exposure, it will also increase the percentage of enrollees dropping out of the course, or not even starting it. That is why you should not be alarmed if you have a paid course. When you switch it to free, you see how the student numbers increase.

Another very common drawback is related to quality. Many people believe that because it is free, your course will not have enough quality. That is why the main duty is to always maintain a high level of quality in all classes so that the student continues to attend and feel motivated.

Access to free education has become common and easier online through the various platform of Punjab Group of Colleges.

Live your dreams!

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