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Which is better BA or BS?

Which is better BA or BS?


Which is better BA or BS? Bachelor is the degree program originates after intermediate (12th class). Initially, a two-year bachelor program was offered in all colleges and universities and a new four-year program was introduced as a bachelor’s in some universities. Now to avoid any confusion among people, the government has made amendments in the education system and names a two-year degree program as an Associate Degree and made it compulsory to study for 4 years in any bachelor program to attain a professional bachelor’s degree.

To attain the degree on time, completion of credits also defines the time for one to become a bachelor’s graduate. Those who focus and give full time to their studies can easily get a degree in standard four years, while people with part-time jobs, personal preferences, transfer of credits, academic progress, or any other responsibilities may not be able to complete their credit hours and get to freeze their semesters in between for any reason. Only in that case it may revise the standard period and take longer to get the degree. Let’s see, in what time BS and an Associate degree are likely to be earned completely.

BS Degree:

BS is a four-year bachelor’s degree. It does take longer than an associate degree. During this program, students get to specifically study one major subject in the whole four years along with a minor subject for two years each that entail some other compulsory and elective subjects side by side in the course work. After completing this degree program, students get to known officially as bachelor graduates and become professionally skilled in the relevant field. BS degree is highly valuable and popular among students. people now prefer to get admission in a 4-year degree instead of 2 years associate degree program. Chances of getting jobs to get higher after this study as it enables students to get professionally skilled and learn new methods and techniques.

Based on the students’ own choice and interests, subjects and courses can be different accordingly. Pupils get to opt from either the science field, arts field, computer field, or engineering field whichever they find appropriate for their career ahead. All the programs fall under these 4 categories and that is what they start studying from matric. Arts students cannot usually take science subjects while science students have more flexibility to choose any other subjects based on their interest and eligibility criteria of the college or university.

The major subject of BS decides about the professional occupation ahead. In rare cases, students get jobs and career options that are diversified from studies but most of the people have to pursue professional careers relevant to their degree.

Following are programs offered as BS Degree:

All programs are offered based on the previous education according to eligibility criteria. Business Administration, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Science, Business Administration, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Management, Music, Philosophy, Social Work, Accountancy, Science in Applied Psychology, Biology, Mass Communication, Applied Economics, Physical Therapy, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Education, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Bachelor in Architecture, English Literature, Environmental Science, Food Science, History, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Journalism, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition Science, Software Engineering, and a lot of other four-year degree programs.

Associate Degree:

The associate degree program is specially designed for those who need to get a degree that is sufficient for starting a career. As the bachelor’s degree requires more time and money, it becomes challenging for more or less people to manage an excessive amount of money and time to get a professional degree. This two-year degree program is not only easy to acquire but also enables one to be proficiently skilled in stepping into a certain career.

It also comes with an advantage that one who wishes to continue studies at any point can take it to their specialized major towards bachelor. After an associate degree, they will not have to spend another four years for a bachelor’s and will be able to start from the middle to get a four-year bachelor’s degree faster.

Following are the programs offered as Associate Degree:

  1. Associate Degree in Science (ADS)
  2. Associate Degree in Commerce (ADC)
  3. Associate Degree in Arts (ADA)

All the above three contain a wide range of disciplines in each program.

Online Associate Degree:

Many people who do not have enough resources to get an education and have domestic responsibilities avail this option to complete their education. Associate degree programs are comparatively easier to achieve with low fee structures. Getting this type of education is enough for those who either want to start a business or get a medium level job. After the experience has been gained, an individual can also start the struggle and get promoted to a higher level in a professional career. Certain diplomas and professional certifications can also work like magic after this degree program. Education is always helpful in achieving goals. A mixture of good education and skills is a definite way to progress in life.

Online BS Degree:

Distant education has become so popular among students. It is helpful for those who either cannot afford high fee structures or their other responsibilities don’t let them go out for studies. There is nothing to worry about! Access to education has become easier and handy. It is now provided on the doorsteps without any hassle.

The duration period of any bachelor degree remains the same whether student studies regularly or online. Regular means; taking admission to any college and following their scheme of study while online means to study from home by using the internet or any provided books and assignments. An associate degree will be done in 2 years and a bachelor’s degree will be done within its standard time of 4-years. Only the academic procedure and scheme of study differs in both types of studies.

Just because you are busy and cannot give full time to studies, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. An online bachelor’s program is the best option for you. Other obligations can be looked upon along with your education. It is the facility that comes on doorsteps and even technology has made it handy to get an education online. It allows you to move forward towards your bachelor’s degree. If you are having no breaks and transfers during the course, nothing can cause deferral to in accomplishment of the degree.

Scope of an Associate Degree:

Education has its own significant value. Since this associate degree is a two-year program, the value of this degree is more than intermediate and less than BS. A company hires employees either on the basis of education or skills and experience. A candidate who is freshly graduated and has a BS degree and another person has more experience and is relevantly skilled, education can be overlooked but otherwise, candidates with BS degree have high chances for jobs in the market.

Scope of a BS Degree:

Holding a bachelor’s degree means having a professionally skilled knowledge of the relevant field. It not only allows students to get proficient but also enhances their personality all over. Great exposures come with a great education. People easily get jobs and start their careers successfully after attaining the degree. A person becomes able to analyze things critically and contribute to building up the best strategies for any company or business. Education and hard work pay off without any doubt. Education provides the ability to think and create. It not only educates student but also it plays a vital role in making them civilized. It is the basis of a worthy living style. People adopt and learn the ways of having productive communications, respectable behavior, and other rightful manners. These minor things help them prosper in personal and professional life. Scope gets bigger when education mixes up with enhancement in personality.

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