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Which Field has Highest Salary in Pakistan?

Which Field has Highest Salary in Pakistan?

Which Field has Highest Salary in Pakistan? Almost everyone in the world gets an education to become a successful person either through a job or any business field. Success comes with great incomes. This article is going to help you find the best fields that after relevant education that is highly paid in the market.

Which Field has Highest Salary in Pakistan?

All the fields of work can be productive when pursued in the right direction. Moneymakers execute productive strategies and planning that help them increase exports. Job persons put extra efforts to get promotion and choose to work in the best paying fields. Becoming an expert in the field also adds to the profile and consequently raise the assets.

Following is the list of few top paid fields that one can consider to choose for a successful professional career.

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. CSS
  3. IT Professional
  4. Doctor
  5. Engineer
  6. Architecture
  7. Lawyer
  8. Business

1. Chartered Accountant:

The title “Chartered Accountant” refers to a job in which a person handles all financial matters that a business involves. They review reports and organize the company’s finances to ensure that how much the company is spending and in which departments. They also manage the earnings department wise to see how much a department earns and how much is the exact spending of running each space. After the chartered accountant generates reports, management then may make appropriate decisions to improve exports and revenue. A chartered accountant can also handle the tax payments for the company they work for.

Chartered accountants are usually hired to analyze and compile financial reports for businesses. Without their assistance, a company may not be able to figure out its expenditures and solutions to control finances in different ways which are necessary for a good revenue.


Since this position is the core of any company’s successful income. those who have done CA are in high demand and needed to provide productive solutions for increasing revenue. Chartered Accountants’ average salary for a month is in lacs. The exact number of lacs may depend on the position in the company and the skills being utilized for generating strategies. It is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid fields in the market. Government and private, both types of sectors prefer to hire such people who are experts of the field.

2. CSS:

CSS is an important bureaucratic position in a government sector that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic tasks and deal with government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. Once a student passes this paper, depending on marks and grades, it is definite to get the highly paid government’s position that can change one’s life. it is the turning point in anyone’s professional life.


The scope of such fields is remarkably high. People after CSS get to be hired on different highly paid positions in government sectors which enable them to build up an excellent professional career and make massive money.

3. IT Professional:

Software engineers, programmers, and people in this field get great knowledge and polish their skills to match the competency in the market. Learning new techniques and implementing them into new productions is the way of making money. Experts in the field have more chances to earn bundles from big companies.


IT professionals are very much in demand these days. Knowledge of the latest technologies, proficiency in the field leads to produce good money. Those who have proficient knowledge of the field and have the ability to introduce the latest and useful technology have a great way out to a successful professional career.

4. Doctor:

The doctor’s field is to serve and earn a job. The more a doctor gets to work in hospitals, clinics, and any personal space, they earn money. A great amount of money is offered to doctors for any treatment. A good doctor has more popularity means the raise in income gets higher in anyways.


This field is already in demand around the world. For those who get certification abroad and in Pakistan, both studies help them grow their career and run their private clinics. Doctors can serve at multiple places which consequently enables them to make unlimited money using their doctoral skills and curing patient’s diseases.

5. Engineer:

All types of engineers who are skilled and experts in the relevant field, can get hired in any renowned company and make good money. Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, and other engineering fields are highly paid in the market. Each field has its worth in the market.


Engineers around the world have a significant value and scope. Those who learn new techniques gradually and use them in making or maintaining different products will increase the value of the field and ultimately engineers can get highly paid this way.

6. Architecture

Government sectors have many opportunities for architects. It is about designing different buildings and providing new architectural schemes for different societies, hospitals, and other houses. The design includes all minor and major details that are important for ensuring a strong structure.


Government and private, both sectors pay a good salary package to architects as this type of job holds great responsibility and requires skilled proficiency to design buildings.

7. Lawyer:

This is also one of the best sources of earning money. lawyers have great importance in society. implementation of law in the right way and struggling for people’s justice is the best thing one can do for serving the nation. Serving and earning go side by side. People choose this field and prosper professionally using their skills.


The scope of lawyers is higher than in many other fields. those who have a strong professional background, work harder, and make their way towards success.

8. Business:

There is a huge number of people who choose to build up their business setups and struggle hard for making productive strategies in the relevant business. After a hard struggle, they consequently get the way to make money. Depending on their type of business people make unlimited money and increase their exports to keep it going the same way.


Scope of a business is risky but also has a great outcome if pursued in the right direction.

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