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What are the Subjects of BS English?

What are the Subjects of BS English?

BS English:

BS English Literature or BS Linguistics is quite popular among the lovers of English language. It is the art of creative writing. People who like to pen down their thoughts and ideas choose this subject for specialization. This program is a four years’ degree program that enables student to explore the world from all aspects. It gives liberty of mind and a person understands the right of speech verbally or through writing. Read here details of What are the Subjects of BS English?

During the study period of this degree program, students get to know what language is, how it was originated, what is the purpose of speech and how can it be meaningful in different ways. language is undoubtedly the best source of communication and learning English language has become necessary since it is international language. People can easily survive anywhere in the world if they know to speak in English.

Understanding of a language and then making the right use of it is the victory for any person. Pakistan is full of such writers who did not only learn the language but they also took it as a helpful source to convey their ideas and messages to public. A wide range of novels, poems, poetry, plays, and a lot more precious piece of writing have been published by our pakistani writers. Many of them also got Nobel prize and other awards for their remarkable style and ideological writings.

Semesters in BS English:

It is a four-year degree program that comes with 8 semesters and 132 credits. Each semester has 5 or 6 subjects. Students are evaluated through quizzes, assessments, assignments, and presentation during the studies. Each semester varies in course books and subjects. they also have a midterm exam and then semester ends with final exams. In the last year of this degree program that consists of 7th and 8th semester, students are given a thesis to write. Thesis has to be original and written purely without any plagiarism. Usually it is written under the observation of a supervisor who regularly stay in touch with the student and provide a thorough guidance. After submission of a thesis, students get to appear in an interview based on their thesis. After the marking of their thesis and interview, students get to have the final mark sheet and a degree certification at their convocation.

Semester system in education is the source of a good evaluation as it keeps students indulged in studious activities and boost their confidence level through presentations, group discussions, and quizzes.

Subjects of BS English:

There is a wide range of subjects that students get to study throughout English Literature degree program. These subjects are divided in total 8 semesters.

Below mentioned subjects are those usually taken as course books for English Literature.

What are the Subjects of BS English?

Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Linguistics, English-I ,Pakistan Studies, English-II, Islamic Studies, History of English Literature-I, Phonetics and Phonology, English-III, Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Literature-II, Morphology and Syntax, English-IV, Human Rights and Citizenship, History of English Literature-II, Semantics, English-V, Literary Criticism, The Pre-Romantic Experience, The Novel: Birth and Rise, Schools of Thought in Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Literary Criticism and Theory, The Elizabethan Drama, The Romantic Experience, Sociolinguistics, Grammar, Pragmatics, The Victorians and the Moderns, The Novel: Growth and Development, Shakespeare Studies, American Literature, Pakistani Literature in English, Discourse Analysis, Stylistics, Second Language Acquisition, Historical Linguistics, Media Discourse Analysis, Post-Shakespeare Dramatic Experience, The American Experience, Women Writers in the 20th and 21st Century, World Literature in English, Research Report, Forensic Linguistics, Language, Culture, and Identity, Language and Gender, World English, Research Report, many novels, poems, and plays are also included in course work that can be different in each university.

Scope of BS English:

Students who graduate in this program have a great talent and observation, Teaching is not the only option for such students. People with this degree have a lot more opportunities to explore and showcase their skills through work. Content writing, SEO Analyst, Administrator, Communication expert, and numerous other posts and fields can be available for English graduate students. People with good English communication skills who have a good accent, is like the cherry on cake for employers. Communication is the elementary source of any good planning, deals, and supervision. It can not only put a great impact on the client, also it adds to the aura of surroundings. Effective speech can either make it or take it for the best of any company. Students with good communication and working skills are in high demand and can easily get jobs in the market. They can also start their own business of their interest.

Hard work never let anyone down and pays off with the great reward. Knowing a language and learning it with enthusiasm is the key to success for those who pursue it as career. Creativity of writing can lead to become a renowned writer and prosper through helpful writing. Novels, poems, poetry and plays convey the rightful messages if written in an attention grabbing style. People can be inspired by many writers and their style of writing. Stimulations can then also bring changes in society to make it better.

Eligibility Criteria:

12 years of education is a must for admission to any bachelor program.

For admission to English programs, it is necessary to have a previous degree in the relevant programs or subjects.

Arts students can easily take admission in arts fields and also they can choose various subjects as their major. English Literature and Linguistics is one good option for them.

How to Apply:

Before taking admission to any college or university, students must research for a relevant university that is suitable and appropriate in for the selected program. Affordability of fee structures, environment, and scheme of study should be evaluated earlier so that one does not have to waste time and can start studies in a comfortable environment.

  1. Buy a prospectus of the desired college/university.
  2. Fill the admission application form.
  3. Submit all necessary documents and prepare for the entry test if required.
  4. Wait for the list and get enrolled.

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