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Understanding Educational Psychology

The importance of an educational psychology in an effective teaching learning process is undeniable when you look into the minor details of understanding the learning requirements of students. An educational psychologist is someone who understands the needs of the students and studies their behaviors to ensure their smooth relationship with their teachers for an effective teaching and learning environment.

To impart knowledge effectively educational psychology needs to be paid attention to.

1, Effective Learning

Educational Psychology provides the teachers with ample knowledge of the demands that need to be catered for effective learning.

Through the knowledge of educational psychologist a teacher can get insight into making the learning process more fruitful.


2, Guidance

Teachers can guide students better and help them towards the right direction with the psychologist education.  It aid’s the teachers understanding of the student’s needs.

Educational Psychology serves as the teacher’s guide on how to guide the students while they are learning new things.

3, Cognitive and Behavioral Development

To make the teaching and learning an all-round experience if a teacher can understand the child’s need to comprehend the educational process by keeping psychology and education side by side.

Teachers can better identify the potential of the learners. Students can be polished in a more comprehensive manner through the personality building and behavioral improvement.

4, Taking care of student individualities

Understanding the child psychology and education imparted in accordance with their individualistic need can prove to be more rewarding.

The individual differences of the students can be taken into account and the teachers can educate them as per their own specific needs.

5, Addressing the Problems of Learning

The problems in learning that may be faced by some students can be tackled with through the psychological reasoning behind their troubles. Teachers can unravel the mysteries of mental complexities that create the hurdle in students attempt to learn new things.

6, Understanding the Learner

The study of educational psychology interprets the impact of various factors upon a learner’s ability to comprehend things. The factors that influence a student’s mind are taken into account that may include the behaviors of their parents and peers, the environment at home or school. All the possible influences on the students’ behavior and mental abilities are carefully analyzed.

7, Mapping the Learning Process

Teachers can look into various teaching methodologies to make the teaching learning process more effective. The classrooms can be more effective when teaching strategies are designed to focus on the needs of the students.

8, Considering Various Factors

Healthy teaching environment can be maintained to achieve the goal of education. The classrooms can be managed better by learning psychology because then the student psyche is kept in mind. There are various tools that can be utilized for the better effect of learning environment and it helps achieve an overall better experience.

9, Designing Curriculum

Curriculum development can be done more effectively as it can take into account the understandability of the student by considering their cognitive behaviors. The teachers can design more interactive and engaging content to make the curriculum enjoyable yet effective for the young minds.

10, Evaluating Knowledge

Educational Psychology programs help in the evaluation of the learners knowledge can be done in a more appropriate way by taking into account how the evaluation criteria should be set and on what level the students should be examined.  This way it can be easily assed that if the student has been able to grasp what is being taught and to what extent the knowledge has been retained.

Punjab Group of Colleges has always been working towards offering quality education with an aim to achieve excellence. The remarkable results of students every year show that the basic needs of imparting effective education have been taken into account by the institute. The education strategies of teachers at Punjab College have resulted in highest achieving students.

Teachers can be trained and made aware of the advanced techniques and the modern teaching methodologies by arranging trainings and seminars discussing various topics taken from educational psychology courses. It is high time that the need to make education a rather effective experience then just a journey of cramming the bulk of information.

Punjab Colleges are a leading name in education where the educational process takes place through practical implementation and lots of teaching aids that ensure the cognitive development and better understanding of students. Learning becomes more enjoyable and effective through various means that inculcate skills among students. Psychological foundation of education involves the proper consideration of all the teaching aids needed to make the learning journey more fruitful.

  • To reap all the benefits of quality education it is important to give preference to educational psychology graduate programs and other relevant courses.
  • More people should be appointed in the educational sector with the degree of PhD educational psychology.
  • In the curriculum development departments and while designing the teaching learning strategies people with educational psychology doctorate get more involved.

Importance of educational psychology for learning and teaching is undeniable. There are numerous aspects into setting up a proper educational experience. It is for the overall benefit of the teachers and learners to pay attention to psychological foundation of education.

In the institutes that are involved in planning and developing education systems and strategies should involve more people having an educational psychology degree so that the educational experiences of students can be made more beneficial.

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