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PGC – Reshaping education System in Pakistan

Punjab Colleges are flagship educational institutions of the group which opened the doors to the first lot of students in 1985 with a single campus in Lahore and now are amongst the top colleges of Pakistan. Currently, Punjab Group of Colleges is operational in 111 cities of Pakistan. Punjab Colleges are composed of numerous purpose-built campuses throughout the country. And the locations of its premises boast some of the finest facilities available in the country with highly qualified faculty. They offer a broad range of programs which are comprehensive and challenging. Academic rigor is accompanied by a myriad of activities, training programs, seminars, and workshops to explore, develop and polish the hidden talents of the students and prepare them as active citizens of society to take on the challenges. Moreover, It is not only known for its best commerce, IT and F.Sc Colleges in Lahore but is also famous for its rapid growth as private colleges in Pakistan. Therefore, making Punjab Colleges to be best colleges in Pakistan and a place to be!

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