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What is Minecraft Education Edition?

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition is a collaborative and useful platform. It focuses on teachers, students and educational institutes. It aims to promote creativity, collaboration and problem solving in a fun and imaginative environment. This video game is one example.
As a teacher you can use the Minecraft Education Edition video game as a common thread in the teaching of basic social skills. Also it is helpful in the development of personal qualities. I will allow your students to be prepared with the constant changes in the world.
The purpose of Minecraft Education Edition is to provide students with an exceptional way of learning. Using this method of teaching can result in more interesting and effective learning.
This educational tool is available in more than 10 languages. It also has as the classroom mode which gives access to a control of a list of all the students who use it. It also has features that allow the teacher to interact with their students.

What can teachers do with Minecraft Education Edition?

  • Collaborate on projects among classmates
  • Document assignments and share them in class
  • Communicate effectively the learning objectives in the game

What is the Minecraft education edition used for?

Education Edition is a version of Minecraft designed for education in a classroom setting. Education Edition allows teachers to have a fun and interactive lesson for their students through the game Minecraft. Students of all age ranges can learn from this edition.

What does the education edition do in Minecraft?

Microsoft recently released Minecraft Education Edition, an edition of the popular open-world video game geared towards teachers, students, and educational institutions. It was introduced to make boring class rooms interesting and grabbed students’ attention. It promotes fun within the education, collaboration, and problem-solving in a creative and imaginative environment.

The idea is to use the video game as a common thread in the teaching of basic social skills. It contributes in the development of students’ talents and polish them. That can also help students to be more prepared for their future. While maintaining the original basic characteristics of this game, it is already well known among children of all ages. Addition of extra tools is a great facility for teachers.

How to get Minecraft Education Edition?

The first thing we must do to acquire Minecraft Education Edition is to visit the page. Type on browser, to download the game on the different platforms. It is a requirement that the operating system should be updated to Windows 10, with a Microsoft device.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

Common Sense recommends Minecraft for children ages 8 and up. It is necessary because of its complexity, that it has some cartoonish violence. And that part of its charm is participating in its online community. Minecraft – Pocket Edition is available on the mobile version of this video game.

What is the objective of Minecraft education?

The objective of Minecraft Education Edition is to provide students with one more incentive when it comes to learning new concepts. Using playful elements such as a video game that can make learning more fun, interesting, and above all, effective. Because, as the saying goes, play is often the best way to learn something new.
As we can read on the website of this special edition of Minecraft. The reasons for taking this video game to an educational environment are several. The first one, which makes the student show much more interest in learning. Since it is an environment that he already knows and with which he has probably had fun with the only difference that this edition includes special tools for teachers to prepare activities in class.

Second, Minecraft Education Edition has a series of extra activities to encourage collaboration in class and allow students to play as a team. Either solving problems or overcoming challenges within the game. Finally, an open environment like Minecraft, which invites exploration and creativity, is a perfect environment for students to reinforce their independence and try things through trial and error until they achieve what they have set out to do.
To do this, Minecraft Education Edition can be used as an extra in programming lessons. Also it can be it can be used to learn about architecture and urban planning, or even review important moments in history by recreating historical scenes or events with the elements of the game. The game also includes lessons specially designed for use in class, dealing with geography, mathematics, and ecology.

This special version of Minecraft is still in beta, with some details still to be polished. Which Microsoft hopes to be able to do in the coming months, thanks to the feedback from all the teachers who try it.

What is the difference between Minecraft and Minecraft Education Edition?

So what is the difference between Minecraft Education Edition and standard Minecraft? Well, it is not much different. The goal of Education Edition is to use the open-plan world of Minecraft. It aims to make students and teachers skilled and interactive in a fun way. It helps to make boring time, the fun time along with getting the education.

Teachers from more than 50 countries around the world can now have Minecraft: Education Edition. It is a version of the famous video game adapted so that teachers can use it as an educational tool.
Microsoft has built the new version of Minecraft: Education Edition with the help of more than 50,000 students and educators. They have participated for months in a test program and have provided very useful information about their experience of use. This has helped Microsoft to improve the tool and its user experience through a diverse set of learning environments.

Minecraft is a sandbox game. Now you must be thinking, what is a sandbox? It is a game in which we can play. However, we go where we want, finding peace, exploring, building, and moving forward.
But that is also an open world, right? Well not exactly. An open-world has one ultimate goal: to pass the story on to you. You have mandatory main missions to get to the end of the game. The other secondary missions that you do if you like or not. Open worlds are not linear. In that aspect you can “go where you want” but it always has its limits.
Minecraft no. Your limits are your imagination. And yes, we know that it is a very hackneyed phrase. But in this case, it’s true like life itself.

Perfect, we already know that Minecraft is a sandbox game. But what else?

The blocks are the true protagonists. Everything is made of blocks. You can destroy things for blocks or build with those blocks. There are different blocks and each of them has different properties. We could say that they are like “materials”.

Each Minecraft game is randomly generated by a procedure. Never you can find a game like Minecraft.


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