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How Mindfulness During Class Can Help Students and Teachers?

How Mindfulness During Class Can Help Students and Teachers?

Indeed, mindfulness is a healthy activity that not only brings ease to the mind but also it helps to think wisely in a positive attitude. This article is going to make it more clear How Mindfulness During Class Can Help Students and Teachers?

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which a person senses and feels deeply about one’s self being detached from worldly things for a moment. It involves various breathing and relaxing movements that not only contribute to good health but it also helps to reduce stress. This process provides awareness of our ongoing thoughts, feelings, sensations, and other environmental surroundings exquisitely.

While practicing mindfulness, our thoughts are formed into the present sense of the moment, and forget about the past or future imaging.

It is about having the intention to practice mindfulness by paying full attention to inner and outer feelings in a certain attitude that may involve the peace of mind. It is the meditation that heels mind and soul with purity and the individual feels calm and cool after such activity.


A classroom a space in which students learn multiple things. It involves uninterrupted learning without any worldly distractions. Each student has a different experience of the learning process even in the same teaching method. The adaptability of lessons within the class can vary from student to student. Some have an intellectual mind while some keep struggling to learn and work hard. The classroom provides the opportunity to focus on goals and participate in healthy activities that may involve mindfulness also. It is the most required and beneficial activity for students. It helps to have a relaxed and stress-free mind. Students know certain objectives within the learning space (classroom) and put their efforts to achieve good results. Its environment and student’s learning also depends on teachers’ positive attitude and the compassion they carry towards providing a good education. They transfer their positivity, confidence, manners, and many other aspects of life into students that play an important role in their lives ahead. Management of a classroom and rules also contribute to one’s learning experience.


A teacher is an important figure who plays an important role in society and especially in a student’s life. Teachers help students to acquire knowledge. There is a certain scheme of study in each school that has to be followed by all teachers as their teaching method also matters in having good results. They struggle hard to transfer their educational expertise to each student present in the class in the right manner. They must indulge students in different interactive activities. Group assignments, group-based projects, and many other things help students to build up their confidence level and enhance their personalities to cope up with worldly things. Teachers don’t need to play the teaching role within the class only, they can also transfer education anywhere they feel is appropriate. People’s approach, visualization, behavior, development, and learning depend on teachers in many ways.


A student is a person who is indulged in learning. A pupil, a scholar, and a learner who attends the school to get an education. Students get knowledge from teachers and books. They also learn from their surroundings especially from their home environment that contributes to their development a lot. Students and teachers go side by side. Their teaching and learning method decides the results. Students have many options to avail themselves during studies. Some choose the medical field, some go for engineering fields, some opt for Computer Science and others go with arts fields depending on their interests. Bright students serve their country with their excellent services after passing out. Each student varies in nature and intellectual and so they all have different directions.

Teacher and Student Relationship:

The teacher-student relationship plays a vital role in the development of a child’s academic success and social aptitude. The establishment of a positive relationship with their teacher help students feel more confident and give them the right to speech within the classroom. Environments and positive attitudes contribute to the student’s life. Easy going teacher-student interaction can help children develop certain abilities to cope up with any situation. In this way, students learn to evaluate and manage their behavior and control their anger in difficult times, they become able to reach their personal and academic goals. Teachers share a specific responsibility towards and students and vice versa in the case of a student. Students’ and teachers’ positive and productive aptitude can bring revolutionary changes in society and derive good results.

Mindfulness during classroom:

As you have read above that mindfulness is an important activity to be done during the class. It is necessary for teachers to practice this and show students how to do it. This will not only help them in healthy growth but also it will enhance their intellect. Teachers can pursue different techniques and methods to implement such an activity.

Heart Beat Exercise; can help relax the mind and body. Students can silently monitor their breathing and feel how their heart functions when they inhale and exhale the air. This is a mindful way of exercise to have a relaxed mind and body to feel the functionality.

  1. Pinwheel Breathing; exercise helps students to practice deep breath methods by using a pinwheel.
  2. Muscle Relaxation; is often practiced as the best mindful exercise in which the muscles in our body are relaxed and stretched delicately. Children can start practicing such mindful activities by tensing and relaxing their body muscles.
  3. Mindful Colouring; is an indulging mindful activity that involves coloring into printed sheets and takes away all other stress.
  4. Five Senses Exercise; means to see how your five senses work, when, and why. Having a deep analysis of your senses with a complete focus will help one to get detached from otherworldly things.
  5. The Present Moment; is to feel the presence of your mind and that how active you are for anything happening around you. The presence of the mind shows how active and focused is the student.
  6. Yoga for Kids; involves different kinds of stretching exercises that one has to perform in a focused and silent manner. It is a mindful activity that enables one to pay full attention to self only.

Hence it proved that Mindfulness programs within schools have been helpful to improve people’s emotional state and their well-being. Their academic performance and relationships have got better with such healthy activities. Students indulged in such programs have been considered to be less stressed in comparison to others. It diminishes all the negative thoughts and brings positivity in one’s mind that helps in personality development and brings efficiency to appropriately build a better society.

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