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How can I get my Masters Funded?

How can I get my Masters Funded?

It is the cherished desire of every bright student to get higher education. But! Getting an education does not only require zeal and enthusiasm, it also requires money and time of an individual. People with sufficient resources make it possible for them and the education process smoothly goes done. The problem arises when a student wishes to get higher education but has not enough resources to make it expediently happen as it becomes hard to afford the expenditures at this level.

How can I get my Masters Funded?

How can I get my Masters Funded? It is never impossible to achieve your dreams or do not be able to manage the expense. Yes, it can be challenging but not inaccessible. There are numerous ways and solutions to make it possible.

Taking away all the confusion, this article will bring clarity to your mind about the ways of funding your masters.
The higher education commission is aware of the needy students and has introduced many scholarship schemes, loan schemes, and fund schemes based on the eligibility criteria for students.

Also, many government and private universities offer scholarships every year on a large scale. Students with the highest marks get a scholarship during their session period.

They have segregated the scholarship categories to make it accessible for all types of students. The following are the scholarship categories offered to national and international students in almost all colleges and universities.

  • Merit-Based
  • Need-Based
  • Sports Based
  • Disabled Students etc.

In the case of a student who does not fall under these categories can go for other options which are:

  • Punjab Govt Minority Affairs Scholarship
  • GC University Lahore Endowment Fund Trust
  • Scotland Pakistan Scottish Scholarship for Masters / MPhil programs
  • The youth of excellence scheme (YES) china scholarship
  • Bahria Town MS Ph.D. Foreign Scholarships
  • Tabeer Scholarship Punjab
  • Bahria University Scholarship Program
  • NUML Faculty Development MS MPhil foreign scholarship
  • Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
  • Alkhidmat Foundation
  • National Bank (NBP) Student Loan Scheme

Let’s see in detail the provision and process of scholarships and funds provided by the above-mentioned organizations.

Punjab Govt Minority Affairs Scholarship:

A minority scholarship program has been introduced by the Human Resources and Minority Affairs Department. Matric to Ph.D. students who belong to minority divisions can avail of this scholarship. A yearly based fixed amount will be given to students to pay for their studies.

The applicant can download the application form from its website and send all the required documents (all attested educational certificates/results, Copy of CNIC, Domicile of the applicant, three passport size photographs, and attested income certificate) to the concerned. The student must get all the educational certificates/results attested by a 17th-grade officer.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Students must belong to Punjab.
  2. Students studying in Punjab or Federal government institutes will be eligible to apply.
  3. Obtained 50% marks in the previous examination.
  4. Their family income should be more than 29,450/-.

GC University Lahore Endowment Fund Trust:

Taking a great initiative, Government College University has established an Endowment Fund Trust. People with great income resources can help less privileged students to get the desired education. They can provide funds in form of zakat and other financial helps to resolve their educational problems. One person’s help can change the life of a deserving talented student.

The trust collects all types of amounts and spends it on needy student’s education.
Applicants can visit their websites and apply for the scholarship.

Scotland Pakistan Scottish Scholarship for Masters / MPhil programs:

The government of Scotland offers wholly funded scholarship programs for Pakistani female students wishing to pursue higher studies in Masters of MPhil. Through this scholarship facility, all female students who were not being able to complete their studies can access a higher education program of two years without any difficulty.
To apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to get enrolled in any HEC recognized university.

The student must fill an application form, scan a CNIC copy, Scan a copy of a transcript, must enroll in a two-year Master’s program in a Pakistani HEC recognized university, and attach a tuition fee form to submit the complete required documents.

Disable or women belonging to minorities and rural areas are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Only female students can apply.
  2. They must be residing in Pakistan as national citizens.
  3. Confirmed admission to a Pakistani university recognized by Higher Education Commission.

The youth of excellence scheme (YES) china scholarship:

China’s government has announced these scholarship programs to facilitate students from around 79 developing countries. Pakistani students are also encouraged to take benefit of this opportunity. Almost 8 Master degree programs are being offered in seven top universities of China. This scholarship program provides students with Tuition Fee, Accommodation within the campus, Living Allowances, Medical insurance, and a return ticket for china after registration and completion of studies.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Candidate must have obtained a bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years of working experience.
  2. Proficient in the English language must be enough to understand the course taught in English.
  3. The minimum score in IELTS should be 6.0.
  4. Students already availing of any scholarships are not applicable.

To download the form, visit or and click on “Scholarship Application Online for International Students” to proceed further.

Students can apply to and also they can send the required documents to this website. Hard copied documents can be sent to “No.1, Zhou-Enlai Avenue, Diplomatic Enclave (Extension), Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Islamabad, Pakistan”.

Bahria Town MS Ph.D. Foreign Scholarships:

Bahria Town’s Begum Akhtar Rukhsana Memorial Trust has taken this initiative to make higher education accessible to those who have the urge to grow and improve for good. This foreign scholarship is presented to students wishing to register in Master of Science (MS) or for Ph. D. Students can apply for it during spring or fall sessions and get admission to the world’s best universities. Students can apply and submit their scholarship applications on

Criteria of eligible students are;

  1. They must have done their BS or completed their 16 years of education in the relevant program.
  2. Must have obtained 1st division throughout the academic years.
  3. In the semester system, the required CGPA is 3.0 out of 4.0, and in an annual system, 1st division is mandatory.
  4. Students must not be availing of any other scholarship.
  5. The applicant’s maximum age should be 30 years.

After the scholarship has been applied and the candidate meets all requirements will be called for an interview.

Tabeer Scholarship Punjab:

Tabeer Scholarship Program has been introduced for private and government students of Punjab specifically. They provide scholarships worth Six lacs (600,000/-) based on merit-based tests. All the students pursuing their studies in undergraduate or postgraduate programs within Punjab are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

After the test has been conducted, shortlisted students will be informed of further process.

Students can download the applications from and send the following set of documents to PHA Flats, F7, Street 97, Block E-12, G11/3, Islamabad for further process.
Required Documents are;

  1. Application Form (Complete and Correct)
  2. Two Passport size photographs
  3. Copy of CNIC
  4. Domicile certificate
  5. Original Bank’s deposit slip (NTPA’s copy)

Bahria University Scholarship Program:

Bahria University Scholarship Program offers scholarships and financial assistance facility programs worth Rs.25 Million per annum. All the students who cannot afford higher education expenses and have low-income resources can take advantage of this offer for admission in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students can download the application form from Bahria University’s website.
Except for MBA programs, the scholarship can be vailed for all types of programs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Since the decision-making power lies with the central Selection Committee, all students will appear before them and justify the need for financial assistance.
  2. Students have to maintain a 2.5 GPA in all semesters. Below GPA will result in withholding of further scholarship.
  3. Students will submit all academic result cards along with the application form.
  4. 80% attendance is a must during the scholarship period.

NUML Faculty Development MS MPhil foreign scholarship:

National University of Modern Languages provides scholarships for those who wish to pursue studies abroad specifically in French, Chinese, and German. Student can download the form from its website and submit at its nearest NUML academic branch along with any other required documents and a bank’s draft of Rs.1000/-.
After receiving the scholarship, students will be obliged to serve at least 5 years at NUML.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Students must have acquired 2.5 CGPA or first division in the annual system.
  2. Minimum 50% marks or minimum 2.4 CGPA must be obtained throughout the academic career.
  3. Only Pakistani and Azad Jamu Kashmir’s students are eligible to apply.
  4. Not availing any other scholarships.
  5. Students must have acquired admission to the relevant international university.

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme:

It is the largest source in the welfare sector that provides scholarships to needy students. Students can download the application from the Alfalah Scholarship Scheme’s website. After downloading and printing the form, students will need to get it attested from the relevant institute’s head, attach the required documents, and post it to its head office. An inquiry will be made by the staff members to evaluate the applicant’s financial situation so that executives can make a final decision. The scholarship is given to deserving candidates only because of the limited funds. They provide monthly based scholarships. On getting employed, students can payback the same funds to help the other needy students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Regular students of any government or registered institute can apply for the scholarship.
  2. A minimum of 70% marks must be obtained. (60% for minorities and Baluchistan students).
  3. All types of people facing a financial crisis can apply.
  4. Students must not apply for any other scholarships.

Alkhidmat Foundation:

Keeping in view the need for educated people in Pakistan, many organizations have been established that offer scholarship to talented students. Al Khidmat Foundation is one of those organizations, providing scholarships to students every year. In collaboration with Bank Alfalah, they have announced the ‘Talent Scholarship Program’ scheme. Deserving students are welcomed to acquire this facility and get higher education. Such brilliant students not only aspire for high level education and skilful knowledge but also the aim to serve the country.

Students can easily take admission in any government university for higher studies and succeed. This type of initiative shares the parent’s burden and brings the hidden talent to light. Students can apply for the scholarship by visiting their website and submission of required documents. The organization then evaluate and validity of need and provide funds.

National Bank (NBP) Student Loan Scheme:

The government of Pakistan established a student loan scheme for financially challenged students. This initiative has been taken to provide students with a better education although if they do not have enough resources.
Major banks included NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB, and ABL have co-operated with the Government of Pakistan for this purpose.

This scholarship scheme is mainly coped by the National Bank of Pakistan. It is particularly intended for students who are brilliant in studies and require financial support to complete higher education. pupils are facilitated with interest-free loans. Only entitled students who have achieved 70% marks in all previous exams and have ensured their admission in a recognized government university, can apply for a student loan.

Applicants required age for the loan may vary based on selected programs. Students applying for the scholarship in undergraduate programs must not be older than 21 and students applying for the scholarship in postgraduate programs must not be older than 31 years, the age limit for Ph. D is 36. a

Once the loan has been applied, the fund is either directly transmitted to the relevant university or given in the form of books. According to the policy, once the loan has been processed completely and the study period is also over, the student will start returning the loan within 10 years after employment.

At the time of admission to a government university, the candidate has to make sure that they are offering programs in the subsequent disciplines.

  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Chemical Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Studies

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