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Best Colleges in Pakistan

Best colleges in Pakistan is a delicate search query as it relates to the youth and also the destiny of Pakistan. The education system in Pakistan needs a lot of reforms. Often we see such statements on different media platforms and discussion boards.

The literacy rate is not exemplary in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has the ambition to increase the rate from 58 percent to 70 percent approximately. It can bring a dramatic change in our society if Shafqat Mahmood gets success in this big goal.

He is also vowing the educationists to develop educational apps. The purpose is to attain the SDGs i.e. the Sustainable Development Goals. Cyber technology platforms will help a lot to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan.

How to Get Esteemed Status in Educational Excellence?

A student’s top priority is to get admission in a top college of Pakistan. A college should be fully authorized and distinguished for its excellence in educational results. We witness, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) produces awesome results every year. The majority of position holders always come from Punjab colleges. Several reasons are behind this success. Highly qualified management, faculty and of course, the dedication of students make a beautiful mixture to get esteemed status.

best-colleges-in-PakistanImperative National Challenge:

Although the financial predicaments are there and it is not very smooth to uplift degree colleges in Pakistan. The infrastructure requires special care and funds. The sad fact is, almost 23 million children are unable to get admission in schools. Indeed, it would be a national encounter to bring them to schools. If they complete education at school level then, such students will need aid to start study at the college level and that would be another hindrance to raise the literacy rate in Pakistan.

Public Expenditure on Education for Fiscal Year 2018-19:

The standard of education or quality of education is a vigorous question whenever we discuss the educational reforms. Uniform education syllabus was also under the discussion but consensus over that point by the stakeholders was not perceived. Although a specific portion (2.4%)of the country’s GDP for the fiscal year 2018-19 was set aside as educational public expenditure but we cannot presume prompt changes in our educational system.

UNDP’s Human Development’s Report for Pakistan:

As per UNDP’s Human Development Report 2018 Pakistan’s ranking is at 150th position out of 189 countries in the world. It is the only Afghanistan which is behind us in our region. All remaining countries are ahead in the HDI (Human development indicator) in the context of educational indicators.

The number of teachers is also projected to get an increase as compared with the previous year. The expected rate could be like 2.9 percent during the year 2018-19. In last year. The total number of teachers was almost 1.8 million in 2017-18.

How to Decide on the Best Colleges in Pakistan?

Numerous dynamics are kept in mind whenever an admission form is submitted at college. The previous track record of students ‘results is checked. What has been the percentage of success? What was the major achievement of the under- review college?

If we check all these influences, then few examples will come in front of us. Punjab group of colleges would stand out in the list at the top. Punjab group has a leading educational network in Pakistan.

The best teachers from all over Pakistan offer their services and feel gratified. The nation cannot forget the role of this group. Because thousands of students from PGC are holding key positions in public offices as well as private organizations.

Why does each student prefer to get admission in Punjab College? This is the argument; we should consider in detail. It has a very modest & clear reason.  Each student is well aware of the standard; this group has set in the past 32 years nearly.

The final results for the majority of students always remain remarkable from each branch. That’s why it’s not only about Punjab colleges which exist in Lahore or Islamabad rather in each major city of Pakistan you will see the best capacity.

We should not overlook the news and claims of the media industry that give the impression so, “education has become a business industry only”. We are not contradicting this fact, as some bad minds are always in a view to grab the money from parents.

But they are few, it is the obligation of students as well as parents to identify such greedy management who has just one purpose, “earn money”. It is not very much difficult if you are serious about your future.

If you want to secure your future, then choose a group where playgroup to Ph.D. level study has no challenger. Over 1.6 million students cannot be wrong if they have chosen Punjab Group of Colleges as their only choice for study. That’s why we repeatedly see top positions holders come from Punjab Group of Colleges.

Did You Recognize Your Intellectual Level?

Each year thousands of students get full or partial scholarships. You don’t have to pay any fee if you have secured the required marks in the previous exam. This is the thing you need to ponder when applying at any college.

If you have the talent and intellectual level, then you are given warm welcome. You are offered opportunities to outshine. Each college conducts workshops as well to polish the hidden skills from the students. The fee is not the precedence, rather the career of each student comes on the priority list first.

Extra awe-inspiring features of PGC are cited below. You will find no other example other than it. At the national level, this organization has multiple entities. Why are they putting all the efforts in the infrastructure of Pakistan? The picture is very clear; they want to enable the youth to exemplify the values & achievements at international level. That’s why PGC is connected with the following:

  1. National Communications Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited 
  2. Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited
  3. Educational Excellence Limited
  4. National Educational Network (Pvt.) Limited

Now, you can figure out if any other institute in entire Pakistan is offering such level of services or not. Roznama Dunya & Dunya TV Network are also part of this group.

Many students may not be aware of this reality but now they have recognized. PGC is working in multiple directions to raise the standards and set the examples. The media network was very important to launch because several TV networks were working either for personal interests or some special agenda.

So, the need of the time was to introduce such sort of media channel that can render a real picture of Pakistan. People want to know the facts and figures and not the rumors or suspense always. That was another gigantic and successful initiative by the management of PGC.

May hundred types of courses and certifications are offered by colleges in Pakistan. The main thing is to calculate the personal interest along with the scope of course then you will be able to increase the chances of success. We strongly recommend you to take advantage of the educational consultancy from PGC before deciding your subjects.

Students with parents should visit the nearby branch to check the scope of each study discipline. Because gaining high marks also depends on the right course at the right time. It should not cost you anything. Just spare your time for this consultancy.

It is another worthy addition of top education environment. Presence of education experts is compulsory, where you are going to get admission. if you want to compare the features of top colleges in Pakistan then take help from these steps.

Some prominent courses division is mentioned here so that students can review each of them in one place. Occasionally, it becomes difficult to choose the right option or the data is really mixed up.

But in this article, we have tried to cover all those factors that can help a student in true spirit. So, check them below with full confidence as it will open up new horizons of knowledge for you. Unquestionably, you will see several potential options here namely:

  1. Medical sciences
  2. Computer Sciences & Information Technology
  3. Art & Design
  4. Management Sciences
  5. Agriculture Sciences
  6. Earth and Environmental Sciences
  7. Media Studies
  8. Religious Studies
  9. Commerce & Accounting

One thing you should note and it will save your time, we are citing here fundamental subjects and not their details. For example, if a student wants to go for Computer Sciences Education in Pakistan then he or she will have several advanced options to check, for example, look at the below-connected divisions of Information Technology

  • Software engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Animation
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Business & Information System
  • Data science
  • Geographical information system
  • Information system and Management
  • Remote sensing
  • Web Designing & Multimedia

Now, you will have some understanding of the wide variety of study fields. That’s why it becomes really important to choose the proficient education consultant and best college in your area. If you are in favor of Earth & Environmental Sciences Education in Pakistan, then you can choose from the following:

  1. Earth Sciences
  2. Geophysics
  3. Geology
  4. Environmental sciences
  5. Seismology
  6. Applied Geology
  7. Environmental Management
  8. Soil & Environmental Sciences
  9. Mountain Research

These are some of the branches associated with ESE Education in Pakistan

Social Sciences Education in Pakistan:

A lot of students want to get admission in Social Sciences Education Pakistan. This discipline of the study also has many other sub-branches that have full career oriented scope. Some of them are stated below, you can check them. It is crucial to look because sometimes we only have a few subjects in our minds. Naturally, at the time of taking decision students try to compare the subjects which are stored in their minds. So, options are many but the main thing is, you should have basic information about major subjects.

  • Government & Public Policy
  • Economics
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Development Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Social & Cultural Sciences
  • Applied Economics
  • Applied Psychology
  • Conflict & Peace Studies
  • Defense & Diplomatic Studies

Now before closing, we would like to mention some bonus features about top colleges in Pakistan. These will also help you a lot in choosing the best option when there are many hundred rumors and media manipulations. We live in such a world where through advertisement anything can be twisted into bad or good. But we have revealed maximum factors that will assist students to determine the genuine option for them. Here are given additional aspects that you should keep in mind. Top college or best college generally contain the following:

  1. High passing ratio
  2. The reasonable financial aid system
  3. Research opportunities
  4. Good health as well as wellness opportunities
  5. Adequate travel opportunities
  6. Extra curriculum activities
  7. Healthy Clubs Associations
  8. Highly qualified faculty
  9. Internship opportunities

Study abroad options are also given to students who have excellent marks in their final exams. Correspondingly, students exchange programs can help to shape the future of youth.

Engaging curriculum and exam system must be very fair and easy to understand. If the exam system is not fair, then college may lose the genuine students who have the ability to do something extra for their country.

It’s a very delicate matter and being a student you can have surety that PGC test systems and exam systems are up to the standard. The informational technology infrastructure is relatively latest. The labs have latest and specialized software which are needed to support the students ‘academic work.

Do Professors Use Smart Technology?

Another must-have factor for Best college in Pakistan is that the professors or teachers deploy smart devices and mediums to make the concepts clear about any technical or scientific topics.

You can say “smart class” concept has become crucial in 2019. These are the emerging technologies if colleges are not using then it means they are not giving their students the opportunity to create synergy.

Now, manual work is being swapped by the latest equipment or mediums. For instance, Google smart classroom concept is going to have a special standing in our colleges and universities.

So, the core point is, now the student has numerous choices to select the final college for admission. But if all the above-mentioned factors are kept in front then you will have a flawless picture regarding the best group of Pakistan in the education industry. Recommended: Best Colleges in Pakistan

Best colleges in Pakistan are discussed a lot and it has a strong connection with the future of students. Each college or educational institute owns specific qualities. But the main thing is the level of credibility which must be given importance. The ambiance of top colleges has not much concerned with the quality of education. The simple reason is the quality of teaching, as well as the study scheme, will matter.

The ratio of Graduation among best colleges:

The opportunities for research after completing the degree or during the study indicate the level of a college. The fee structure depends on the vicinity as well as the course nature. However, the graduation rate will be another key element in deciding the best colleges in Pakistan. The low ratio of graduation is not an encouraging factor even if you see the hype about some colleges in the market.

If the failure ratio is high, then everyone should consider it a red flag for some specific college. Another delicate matter to focus on is, the kind of admission a college announces. For instance, if you are applying to a college, and you come to know, there was an open admission procedure then it will take you into another scenario. Hence, it will let show there could be a lot of students who join the college from high schools.

The high ratio in admission even from high schools will have a greater impact on graduation ratios. Because in this way, the graduation success ratio sometimes remains low. So, these are technical factors to ponder about when you are deciding for the best colleges in Pakistan.

Why Punjab Group of Colleges?

Punjab Group of College is one of the highest approached college. It is famous among students because of its accelerated learning methods. The educational facilities come up with a full fledge package. They include multiple scholarships and discounts to students. The advanced knowledge and modern approach in study scheme is their fundamental goal.

Students experience the best environment during studies. They indulge in healthy activities. Sports, Debate competitions and other events are the ultimate attractions for students. These progressive moves make their study time interesting.

Students get the opportunity to showcase their skills and express their thoughts. They get the chance to excel around the world using their talent. Pupils Acquire knowledge through smart technology and learn the new techniques.

Punjab Group of Colleges provide a unique experience to students and enable them to stand out among others.

Which is the Best Degree in Pakistan?

Education that is learned with interest, is acquired in the best way!

It is important for students to choose a college that do justice with their capabilities. Everyone is born with some hidden skills and talents. The college plays an important role in finding and discovering their abilities. A student’s mind explores many things at one time during the college period.

So, if they get enough platforms to learn, explore and polish their skills, they can go beyond imaginations. That is how a Punjab Group of Colleges make every degree the best and accredited for students. Students must choose their degree programs based on their interest. FSC Medical, FSC Engineering, ICOM, ICS, FA and FAGS each one of these has a unique value and worth.

Best Colleges in Pakistan for Engineering:

Students who wish to take admission in engineering program have the edge to conduct a good research about colleges. Based on their previous results. Punjab Group of colleges provide partial scholarships and even free education to aspiring students.

The educational setup is full of new technologies. Engineering students learn the new technical methods. They learn how to practically handle complex challenges. They go through different quizzes and assessments to have a grip on their engineering skills.

Best Colleges in Pakistan for FSC Medical:

Introducing the most reliable and advanced technology, Punjab Group of Colleges has made education easier. FSC medical program has always been difficult for students. However, the accelerated learning methods and interest grabbing techniques of learning has made students experience easier.

Students appear in multiple group discussions, presentations. They get to interact with teachers and students to express their ideas. An end to end teachers’ guide and use of smart technology is a dynamic experience for students. The management of the college keep students attached to the educational environment and ensures the provision of quality education.

Top best Colleges in Pakistan 2021:

Education in Pakistan has not yet managed to full fil the gap. Punjab Group of Colleges, for that matter has taken this initiative to facilitate students. They believe in giving importance to quality education and not money.

The year 2020 has been a great challenge for everyone. Even during the bad COVID situation, Punjab Group Education did not compromise the timely delivery of education. With the never giving up attitude, PGC aims to cope with any type of challenges. They ensure to keep up with the same quality of education.

Scholarships, discounts, and free education is their source to provide excellent education. Education is no more hassle. Unprivileged and privileged can now study on one platform. They can get the same quality of education in the most affordable college of Pakistan.

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